Elon Musk’s Hiring and Firing Perks of Twitter Employees

An internal memo suggests that Elon Musk is planning on cutting off employee perks

Under the leadership of its new owner Elon Musk, who has already cut the staff to half, disbanded senior leadership, and ended remote work at the social media behemoth, Twitter will practice tighter financial constraints. Currently, Musk is also removing a number of benefits that Twitter employees have benefited from for many years.

According to an internal document obtained by The Verge, Elon cuts Twitter employee perks in the areas of wellness, productivity, home internet, training and development, out schooling, daycare, and quarterly team outings. Elon Musk is hiring for Twitter was the latest news but now that he is robbing the employee perks, it is to be seen if anyone will be willing to join Twitter. Twitter’s HR division informed staff that it would be reducing allowances, in a company-wide email, as The Verge informed. The email was sent out shortly after Musk’s second all-hands meeting with Twitter’s staff in San Francisco.

It states that as the company’s financial condition improves, allowances “may be added back and reevaluated over time.”

Musk, meantime, has stated publicly that he wants to enhance the functionality of the social network’s direct communications.

The Verge claims that Musk informed his staff that the business will encrypt direct messages and plan to include encrypted audio and video chatting between users.

Musk was cited as stating, “We want to enable consumers to be able to connect without worrying about their privacy, [or] without worrying about a data breach at Twitter causing all of their Direct Messages to hit the web, or imagine that maybe someone at Twitter may be eavesdropping on their DMs.

Additionally, Musk said that the firm is done with layoffs and is hiring once again after terminating almost two-thirds of the 7,500 employees of the microblogging site in only three weeks after taking control.

Musk also asserted that Twitter is currently looking for roles in engineering and sales at a meeting with staff members, according to The Verge.

He also requested recommendations for possible applicants from the employees.

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