Bitgert (BRISE) Joins The List of Coins That Will Explode 10X Before The End Of 2022

After the bullish year of 2021, 2022 has become one of the most bearish years in the history of the crypto industry. The market has plummeted from a $3T marketcap by November 2021 to $800B in November 2022. This is about a 74% decline in the last 12 months.

Most coins, like Solana, which posted one of the biggest price growths in 2021, have tanked 93% this year. However, there are other coins that have done very well in the market this year, and Bitgert (BRISE) is one of them. This is one of the coins that have greatly increased its value in 2022 and has made its investors super-rich.


Bitgert Price Performance in 2022 So Far

Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the coins that have done quite well in growing its value this year. Looking at the CMC charts, Bitgert is one of the coins that have made their investors good profits and is still in the green this year when almost all the top 100 crypto coins are in the red.

As of writing, Bitgert had increased 7% in 2022, and this is after the recent crypto crash that the market experienced. The mass adoption of the products and projects the team has added to the Brise ecosystem are some of the reasons the Bitgert coin has posted this growth.


Bitgert Shall Do 10X Increase Before EOY

Crypto analysts believe that Bitgert will do more than a 10X increase in 2022. This is looking at the market performance for the remaining days of this year. However, the developments the Bitgert team is working on keep this coin exploding in the next few days, even with the bear markets.

The delivery of the products in the Bitgert roadmap V2 is one of the biggest factors expected to explode the performance of this coin. There are many disruptive products in this roadmap, and crypto experts say their mass adoption is the reason the Bitgert coin is expected to explode.

Crypto analysts have also pointed out the tens of partnerships that Bitgert has made and will be making in the next few weeks as another factor that will explode $BRISE 1000% before the end of this year. These Bitgert partnerships are already playing an important role in growing BRISE adoption.

In conclusion, Bitgert products like the zero gas fee BRC20 blockchain, Bitgert exchange, and a range of other Brise products that might launch soon are factors that will explode BRISE 10X by EOY. That’s why $BRISE is one of the best buys.

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