Best Online Gambling Sites Of 2022: Top 5 Platforms To Play Real Money Gambling Games

Best Online Gambling Sites Of 2022: Top 5 Platforms To Play Real Money Gambling Games

by IndustryTrends November 24, 2022

These days, the ability to select legit gambling platforms from the options that are available online is challenging.

There are a lot of people around the world that find it challenging to differentiate legit platforms from scam platforms. Before this situation, online gambling wasn’t as popular as it is now in those days.

The popularity of online gambling grew as more people started wanting ways for them to make money without having to sweat.

This has affected the popularity of online gambling positively; because, with this recent generation, more of them are unwilling to put in the work necessary to make money, so they try to look for the quickest way possible.

Back to the aforementioned point above, it has become more complicated in recent times for people to differentiate scam platforms from legit platforms.

This is because, with the industry’s increased popularity, many businesses were established to meet people’s demands. However, not all of these businesses play it legitimately.

This is why we created a team of experts to research the industry and recommend five platforms that provide quality gambling services.


Top 5 Brands To Play Gambling Games Online

  1. Ignition Casino: Overall Best Online Gambling Site For Sports Betting, Editor’s Pick
  2. Bovada: Most Popular Online Betting Platform To Play Real Money Slot Games
  3. Café Casino: Highly Trusted Live Betting Real Money Casino Games Online
  4. BitStarz Casino: Recommended Poker Games With Multiple Slot Machines
  5. 7bit Casino: Best Platform For Casino Games To Win Real Money


#1. Ignition Casino: Overall Best Online Gambling Site For Sports Betting, Editor’s Pick


Ignition Casino is one of the most popular platforms in the online gambling industry, and it is related to another platform that is popular in the same industry. This website has been able to thrive on the variety of various games available on its platform.

Due to their reputation for being one of the best platforms in the industry, they have successfully offered various games to customers. This represents a way of giving customers the best chance to win money from the platform.

Some of the gameplay offered on the platform include slots, blackjack, and poker. With different knowledge available online, customers have the chance to use the knowledge they have on each of those games to win money.

Furthermore, due to offering quality services consistently to customers over the number of years of existence, this platform has been regarded as one of the most trustworthy and reliable platforms in the industry.



  • As we have said during our selection process, various banking options must be available for customers to trust the platforms. This platform allows customers to deposit into their accounts using bank transfers or card deposits. Furthermore, some other deposit options include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash. When you compare this online gambling platform to others in the industry, you will understand that their deposit methods offer the simplicity required. In addition, financial transactions are conducted within minutes on this platform.
  • We also spoke about offering bonuses to customers, and this is one of the platforms that do it the best. They offer various bonuses and promotional offers according to how well customers patronize their service. For example, a welcome bonus is available on the platform, and also a bonus for customers that have spent the most money gambling on the platform. However, different terms and conditions guide how customers can apply the bonuses they have been offered. So, it is vital that before a customer deposits money into the platform, they should read the terms on how they can apply their welcome bonus. In addition, customers can only withdraw as much as $3000 per week.
  • Specific locations in the United States do not have access to the gambling services offered on this platform. These locations include Nevada, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and others. As a result, residents of these states will find it difficult to access the services this platform provides.



  • New customers have access to a welcome bonus of up to $3000
  • There are varieties of promotional offers available on the platform
  • Quality services that will allow the customers to have a great gambling experience
  • Customer service system that is always available to answer queries and committed to ensuring customer satisfaction



  • There is a maximum withdrawal limit of $3000 per week
  • There is always an issue when customers use Western Union or PayPal to conduct a financial transaction


#2. Bovada: Most Popular Online Betting Platform To Play Real Money Slot Games


Bovada is a platform which was created 15 years ago, and they have maintained its stance in the industry for that long. On this platform, various game options are offered to gamblers who are new to the industry and those who have patronized the platform for a long time.

This platform is viral amongst gamblers and the industry and is arguably the best available online. One of the better features of this platform is that there is the option of live-dealing games.



  • One of the best ways to draw customers to your services as an online gambling platform is the variety of games you make available to those customers. Customers have access to over 200 online casinos games on this online gambling platform. This number is one of the highest when you check around the industry. You will rate the efforts put in when you understand that these games are obtained from different providers, and the games offered on this platform represent some of the best you can get in the industry. One of the most popular games on the platform is shopping spree; it gives every customer an equal chance at winning $2.5 million – it is a progressive jackpot. Other games on the platform include Cleo, zombie FC, and Atlantic treasures. Online Casino games are not the only type of games available on the platform; the platform offers customers over 30 table game options. In addition, customers have access to video poker and card games such as blackjack and baccarat. One of the games that are also offered amongst the variety is roulette.
  • Bonus is a big deal on this platform because they want to reward customers at every opportunity. They feel the best way to build a loyal relationship with your customer is to reward them for the amount of trust they have in the brand. For newcomers on the platform, when they deposit over $1000 using the cryptocurrency option, they will be offered a 125% bonus on their first deposit. In addition, they also feel the need to reward customers that have been patronizing the platform for a long time. This is why they have a VIP program that allows loyal customers to earn bovada points. Whenever loyal customers are out of cash to conduct gambling services on the platform, the econ redeems those points as cash back on their previous losses.
  • It is different for their services to be available to different customers in different locations and for their services to be compatible with every operating system customers might use. This platform has created a website that works well on a desktop. It also works well regardless of the operating system on the desktop, whether Android or iOS. This makes it easier for every customer to access every feature available on the platform – they can simply set up their desktop at their homes and carry out their gambling activities with high comfort.
  • Varieties of banking options are one of the features that have made this platform grow in the industry. They allow customers to conduct deposit transactions using various card options such as visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In addition, there is the option for customers to conduct their deposit activities using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Since various options are available for customers to deposit money into the platform, it makes performing financial transactions easier. For example, on the withdrawal options available on the platform, customers can use Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, check by Courier, and vouchers.



  • Live casino tables on the platform are over 30
  • Poker tournaments are conducted on a regular
  • bonuses on the platform are attached to cryptocurrency transactions
  • a mobile application is available to use



  • Customers do not have access to an E-wallet banking method
  • There is a fee charged on every payment conducted
  • some of the games on the platform are not popular


#3. Café Casino: Highly Trusted Live Betting Real Money Casino Games Online

cafe casino

This platform might not have been in the industry for a long time, but the owners and the team behind the operational activity have been in the industry for a long time. The platform has built a reputation for itself through the variety of games they offer. The games available on this platform include slots, blackjack, video poker, and live games.

Café Casino has been able to inverse lots of resources to ensure customer satisfaction because it can offer most games that customers want. On this platform, customers also have the opportunity to enjoy different bonuses and promotional offers, especially those applicable to new customers.



  • According to the last point we made in the brand overview above, plenty of bonuses are available on this platform. One of the most popular is the good welcome bonus offer to new customers. However, customers can only enjoy the bonus when they deposit money using cryptocurrency. This latter has also been able to differentiate the bonus offered to loyal and VIP customers. Considering that the team behind its operational activity has been in the industry for long years, they have been able to put in their experience to offer quality services and features on the platform—this platform word with high-level lenders that provide quality games regularly.
  • On this platform, customers can deposit money using different credit card options. One of the primary mediums of performing financial transactions on the platform is cryptocurrency, and that is due to the high-level safety attached to it. The time frame from when customers initiate a transaction and when it reflects in their account is concise; it takes a couple of minutes. On this platform, customers have the option of 15 deposit methods and withdrawal options of eight methods. All of these options are available to different customers in different locations. Some popular options well used on the platform include cryptocurrency, bank transfer, and Courier checks. It is important to note that the speed of transactions on this platform is according to the medium used. It is also possible for you to use the person-to-person withdrawal option. However, using the person-to-person withdrawal option will be charged a $26 fee for every $51 withdrawn. Furthermore, if you use the bank transfer withdrawal, you might get charged up to $45, and when you use the Courier check option, the charges will range from $50 to $1500.
  • There are varieties of games available on this platform. The games available on this platform include slots and table games. In addition, these options are now spread out to include blackjacks, specialty games, video poker, and live dealer games.



  • Varieties of banking options available
  • Live dealer games available on different gameplay
  • Unique bonuses and promotional offers
  • Up to 100 slots, a variety of games are available



  • Some of the features on the website are not easily understandable


#4. BitStarz Casino: Recommended Poker Games With Multiple Slot Machines


BitStarz has been regarded as one of the best in the industry for a long time. This platform was created in 2014, and they have been able to consistently offer quality services to different gamblers from around the world.

They have a successful beauty reputation for being one of the most trustworthy platforms in the industry, and their services are popular amongst prominent gamblers worldwide.

The customer reviews on this platform suggest that plenty of customers are satisfied with the quality services they enjoy on the platform. And that is due to the variety of gameplays available. In addition, this platform is licensed to operate by the government of Curacao.



  • One of the better features on the platform that has made customers patronize the platform a lot is the variety of valuable gameplay. This platform works with over 40 game providers to grant customers access to over 3500 games. This should be your go-to platform if you want a platform that will offer you the best chance to try your luck. The variety of games on offer on this platform will allow you to try out your knowledge of each of the games available. In addition, the quality of the games available on this platform is top-notch, considering that they are sourced from over 40 game providers.
  • There are varieties of bonuses available on those platforms. However, the bonuses are only available to customers who conduct financial transactions using Bitcoin. For example, as a new customer to the platform, you will be offered a bonus of 20 free spins. And when you deposit money into the platform for the first time, there will be varieties of bonus options that you can choose from. The options you will give include a 100% bonus on your deposits, 180 free spins, a 125% bonus, or 100 free spins. Other bonuses offered on the platform can see customers earn up to 0.1 Bitcoin.
  • This platform is regarded as one of the best regarding customer service available. The platform has invested a lot of resources in employing the best customer agents and ensuring that they are well knowledged about the operational activities of the platform. They also ensure that the customer service agents are available frequently to attend to the concerns of various customers worldwide. The customer service agent can be reached through e-mail or live chat.



  • The speed at which financial transaction is completed is quick
  • There are varieties of gameplay available on the platform
  • Customers have access to different types of bonuses
  • There is a trial mode available to new customers



  • The website of the platform is inaccessible using a mobile phone
  • some services are not available to residents of all states
  • They do not have a mobile application


#5. 7bit Casino: Best Platform For Casino Games To Win Real Money

7bit casino

7bit is one of the newest platforms in the gambling industry, but they have quickly built a reputation for itself as one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the industry.

The owners of this platform have invested a lot of resources and ensured that quality gambling services are provided to customers to guarantee their satisfaction.

This should be one of your go-to platforms when you are looking for a platform that offers different types of gambling features in the industry.

They offer gambling features that are very easy to understand and allow customers to play against themselves or the house, depending on what the customer decides. On this platform, customers have a higher chance of winning money than losing money.



  • Banking options on this platform are plenty. However, the platform is majorly committed to allowing customers to use cryptocurrency to perform their transactions on the platform. Furthermore, customers can also use credit and debit cards to deposit on the platform. And there are other varieties of banking options that are available for withdrawal.
  • On this platform, customers have a higher chance of winning than a higher chance of losing. This is because various games are available on the platform, and a feature educates customers on the type of games available. In addition, some of the popular games in the industry are also available on the platform.



  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • New customers are offered a 100% bonus on their first deposit
  • Gambling features on the platform are easy to understand
  • Referral bonuses are available on the platform when your referees sign up



  • Poker tournaments are not organized regularly


What We Looked For

Some of the factors that we use to judge each of the brands are explained below:

  • Licensing: One of the significant factors that make it easy to recognize a legit platform is the license that the platform can present. Before a platform can claim that it is trustworthy, it must also be able to provide documents that will back that up. Legitimate platforms that come into the industry through the correct process must have registered their business under one of the necessary authorities. This authority will issue a license or certification, allowing the business to operate correctly in the industry. However, specific requirements are supposed to be met before a platform is issued a license or certification; many new platforms don’t have the resources to meet those requirements, so they do not obtain the license. Some of the requirements that we are asked of the gambling platform are that they provide gameplay that is fair to the customers and that the security employed on the website should be top-notch to provide the personal information submitted by customers. If a customer patronesses an online gambling platform that is not registered under the necessary authorities, there is every tendency that they will have a bad gambling online experience. This is because they are likely to lose their money to scammers. There have also been several reports of customers complaining about their bank details being used for scam transactions. Some have also complained about their personal information being sold on the black market to third parties. Any brands that could not present the necessary certification or license were removed from our initial list during our selection process.
  • Customer reviews and issues: One of the best ways for anyone to gain helpful information about a brand or an industry is through online customer reviews. This factor allows customers to recognize legitimate platforms easily without going through a research struggle. This is because customers that have patronized online gambling platforms before will be willing to paint a picture of how good the platform is or how bad its services ARE. Once you can cross-check many customer reviews online, you will gain proper knowledge and insight into how each brand operates. During our selection process, we committed ourselves to reading plenty of online customer reviews, and we treated this factor before any other factor. Most of the brands on our initial list had plenty of negative reviews about their operational activities and the services they offer. Immediately after we read those reviews, we removed each brand from our list and moved on to the ones with a higher percentage of positive reviews. The percentage limit was 98%.
  • Banking options: This factor is major in ensuring that your customers are satisfied and find your operation trustworthy. As customers refuse to trust online gambling legal platforms easily, they will also refuse to trust specific payment mediums you present. This is why it is essential to offer varieties of options so that they can decide which one they believe will not scam them of their money. Customers must have had different experiences using certain financial mediums to pay for things, and not all of the financial platforms they used offered them satisfactory services. Recently, online gambling platforms have become more open to using PayPal and Bitcoin as a means of deposit and withdrawal. Different banking options will help you provide gambling services to customers worldwide. When you decide to use a selected number of banking options, there is a tendency that those options might not be available in every country worldwide. And if you are a platform looking to be among the best in the industry, your services must be available to those far from your area of residence. This factor played a considerable role during our selection process, as we ensured that all selected brands offered various banking options.
  • Games and features of the site: One of the requirements from the necessary authorities before a platform can be issued certification or license is that they offer considerable gameplay to their customers. However, it is likewise essential that customers have the option to play plenty of types of games and try out their luck. When a platform offers customers various games, It will get a higher level of patronage from customers in the industry. A platform needs to understand that not everyone has an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and most definitely, not everyone has the full knowledge of how each game should work. A customer will only have in-depth knowledge of the gameplay that works well for them, and that gameplay might differ from what other customers would want. This is why the platform needs to offer varieties of bitcoin gaming In addition, the online gambling site features on the platform should be easily understandable because of new customers. All those factors were considered during our selection process, and we ensured that the platforms recommended below marked all of these factors positively.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers: There is no way for anyone to build a platform without offering bonuses and promotional offers and expecting to receive plenty of patronage from potential customers. The central aspect of the business that would draw new customers to your platform is the bonuses offered. In addition, customers will also be drawn to your platform when you offer fair gameplay and a higher chance of winning. These bonuses represented a massive factor in the decision-making of customers. There are different types of bonuses and promotional offers available on different platforms. However, the popular bonus available on all platforms is the welcome bonus. When new customers sign up on the platform and deposit money for the first time, they will be offered a certain percentage of their money as a bonus.

Furthermore, bonuses are offered to customers who have spent lots of money gambling on the platform. Customers who have also patronized a platform for a long time will be regarded as loyal customers; These customers will be offered different types of bonuses for those who have patronized the business for a long time. During our selection process, the bonuses offered on each of the platforms were taken into account, and we ensured that each of the platforms we have recommended below offered favorable bonuses that are achievable to customers.


Factors to Consider When Selecting A Platform For Online Gambling

We understand that there are some customers that we want to conduct their research on the industry before they decide on the platforms to patronize.

But as due diligence, we have explained certain factors that will guide you to selecting a legit platform in the industry.

If you conduct your selection process with the factors, we have explained below; you are guaranteed to select a legit platform that will offer quality gambling services.



One of the first factors you should consider during your selection process is the amount of security on the platform. For example, the best online gambling sites must employ topknot security to protect gamblers’ personal information and guarantee successful financial transactions.

If a platform does not invest many resources in the security used on its website, you should avoid patronizing that platform. This is because there are a lot of risks regarding your personal information being sold to third parties, or the platform being susceptible to hacking by external parties.



Another factor you should take note of immediately during your selection process is the certifications presented by the platform. One of the quickest ways to understand the platform’s legitimacy is the license and certification they hold.

If your platform is correctly registered under the necessary authority, it will be issued a verified license that will allow them to conduct gambling services in the industry.

Conversely, you should resist patronizing its services if a platform cannot provide the necessary license or certification.


*Gameplays Available

The best way to win money is when the platform you patronize offers you fair gameplay. There are varieties of gameplay that are available in the industry.

The amount of gameplay you will have access to depends on the resources invested in that aspect of gambling by the platform you patronize.

This will also represent your chance at winning against the house. If the platform does not offer various game plays, you should resist patronizing the platform because you will have a lesser chance of winning money.


* Banking Options

Banking options are a huge factor in deciding how well you will be satisfied with the quality of services provided. If the banking options available on the platform are limited to specific options, you must refuse to patronize the brand immediately.

The industry’s best platforms offer various banking options regarding deposits and withdrawals. Deposit options usually offered include credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Withdrawal options in the industry include cryptocurrency, checks by couriers, PayPal, American Express, and others.


* Customers Support

You must patronize the platform and be willing to invest lots of resources in the customer support system available on the platform. When there is less quality in the customer support area, it will be difficult for you to get any response when you have any inquiries.

This is why you should ensure that the customer support system works appropriately so that they will be able to help you when you are confused or have multiple questions.


FAQs On Online Sports Betting & Gambling


Q1: How can I recognize legit platforms?

The best way to do that is to check the customer reviews posted online and read about the reputation of the brands you have on your options list.


Q2: Is it possible for the house to cheat me?

When you patronize a platform that operates legitimately, they can’t cheat you because they will or pray according to regulations and rules.


Q3: Can I win real money from gambling online?

The money from gambling online can be adequately spent according to what you want.


Concluding About The Online Gambling Casino Games

In-depth research is required when a newcomer is trying to enter the gambling industry. You will have to research each of the brands available in the industry to find the best at offering quality services. You might not kick off your gambling activities until you find a legit platform.

However, we also understand that before you can conduct any in-depth research on the industry, you will require in-depth knowledge of the activities conducted in the industry. You must also know how each brand can operate the way they do.

We believe that all the platforms we have recommended above represent your best option for legit platforms to patronize.

However, if you do not think so and want to research the industry, you can use the factors we have explained above to decide on a legitimate platform to patronize.

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