5 Countries where Casino and Gambling Is Legal

Gambling has been a contentious issue due to moral concerns and the possible harm it can do to players. Some believe it is a game of skill, while others consider it a game of chance.

Yet, all the controversy hasn’t been able to stop the market from flourishing over the years. In fact, the Online Casino and Gambling market was valued at roughly $58.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $145.6 billion by the end of this decade. 

However, it is essential to remember that casinos are not legal in every country, and only a handful of nations have entirely regulated online casinos and gambling. In this article, we will learn about a few countries with a regulated gambling market.


Countries That Have Regulated Their Gambling Market

1. Sweden

The Swedish Gambling Authority oversees and regulates the gambling industry in Sweden. The Swedish Gambling Act, which pertains to money gambling, went into effect on January 1, 2019. Any gaming geared at the Swedish market that does not have a license is prohibited and illegal.

The state-owned Casino Cosmopol, which operates four casinos in major cities, dominates the Swedish land-based casino market. However, the advent of online casinos has significantly transitioned toward online gambling. Swedish players are witnessing intense competition among casino establishments, which has also led to the rise of platforms such as casinoutanspelpaus.io, which comprehensively evaluates the top casino platforms. This enables gamers to make a well-informed decision about which online casino to explore based on their requirements.

Gambling represents 1% of Swedes’ discretionary income. Approximately 60% of all Swedes say they have gambled at least once within the last year. Another 2,500 individuals are hired by gambling enterprises based in Sweden, and approximately 10,000 are employed by businesses having a Swedish license but based elsewhere.


2. The United Kingdom

British nationals have enjoyed the benefits of online casino gambling for many years. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is in charge of creating and upholding strict standards for this leisure activity. The standards make it simple to check the legitimacy of licensed online gaming firms that may operate legally in the UK.

The bulk of Britons put a high value on thrills and sports. It’s difficult to imagine England without stakes since they’re deeply embedded in the culture. Because they like unique gambling, local gaming establishments make millions of dollars.

Since there are so many local players in the United Kingdom, nearly all British gambling establishments are situated there. The love of citizens for gambling explains the incredible popularity of internet casinos.


3. The United States of America

Because of its sheer size, the United States has the upper hand. Around 70% of global online wagerers live in the United States. In recent years, several states, particularly Arizona, Maryland, and Florida, have begun legalizing physical and digital gambling within their borders.

Even jurisdictions that do not have registered online gaming websites frequently allow their people to put bets on overseas sites. It is apparent why Americans spend over $35 billion on casino gaming yearly, which is likely to climb.

In the United States, federal legislation oversees gambling; municipal and state regulations also exist. The Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 empowers Native American tribes to regulate gambling on their land. 


4. Japan

When it comes to demolishing the Asian gambling taboos, Japan is an exception and a pathfinder in terms of the monitoring and supervision it applies to the websites allowed to operate inside its borders.

Because of the tight safety rules and their insatiable thirst for online gaming, Japanese customers spend an astounding $20 billion yearly on casino sites.


5. Italy

Electric slot machines generate 50% of all gambling income in Italy. Italians frequent casinos, and their passion for gambling may have stemmed from their fascination with football betting. Because the business is adequately regulated, you may enjoy online casino games in Italy without worrying about breaking the law.


Notable Mentions

  • Spain

Since Spaniards are such enthusiastic fans of games of chance, they can jeopardize their savings with relative ease. Due to the fact that gambling is legal in Spain and the state stands to benefit 20% in tax income, millions of pastimes will not be prohibited.

Citizens in Spain can gamble on their favorite authorized online casino and engage in the activities provided on these sites. They can also discover land-based casino spots where they can play freely.


  • Australia

It’s worth noting that Australia has a significant gaming market compared to the rest of the world. Australia enables trustworthy sites and has excellent safety standards in place. It is one of the countries that allow casino gaming. In addition to their local expertise, Australian gaming companies have expanded their international footprint.


  • New Zealand

Only enterprises with local authorization and online gambling centers controlled locally are permitted in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand has never prohibited legal gambling in the country. It is also worth noting that gaming is tax-free in New Zealand.

However, one thing is for sure, based on the popularity and economic boost that online casinos offer, it’s only a matter of time before we witness more and more legalized casino platforms.

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