Cloud mining – This Real Estate Investor Makes $80,000 a Month in Passive Income

The side business of this real estate investor brings in more than $80,000 in Bitcoin each month.


From Cloud Mining ‘Civilians’ to Bitcoin Moguls

Cloud Mining 'Civilians' to Bitcoin Moguls

Crypto enthusiast Archer Benson is a businessman who is interested in making money.

Despite being an active investor, according to Archer Benson, most of his income comes from cloud mining. In addition to real estate, one of his best investments is a $250 million private equity company (according to his website). He worked at Apple as a data scientist and analytics expert, then in 2018, he started investing in Bitcoin. That occurred long before the asset rose to prominence as a cryptocurrency asset.

He claimed in an interview that “I just like making money.” Additionally, Archer Benson noted that Bytebus cloud mining was the system on which he made most of his money.

“My investments are spread out all across the world. My assets include established homes, apartment complexes, and GPU mining.”

Added Archer Benson, “I’d benefit greatly from some significant arbitrage advantages, and thus far, cloud mining offers some. One is that I grew my Bitcoin holdings, proving that you can start your search on any scale as long as you keep expanding as you go. I think Bitcoin has a bright future.”


My best advice for generating passive income

best advice for generating passive income

One of the users is Texas-based AT & T lobbyist McClellan. He aims to carry out a number of cloud mining investment proposals in Oklahoma, either financially or ideologically.

My main objective is to do my bit to protect the Bitcoin network, which will ultimately allow me to have and control my processing power, he says. He referred to his location as the mines of the globe.

The method is a “simple approach to turn the average cost of dollars into bitcoin,” McClellan stated. No matter what happens in my life financially, I know that if I hire a mining rig for cloud mining, I will receive bitcoin every day, every minute, every second, and every hour.

McClellan mentions Bytebus as a user-friendly cloud mining company. It is available to regular users, who can use it to outsource work and invest in various programs. On the Bytebus website, customers can purchase mining plans for $10 to $9,800. They can be easily found working with Bytebus for software administration and maintenance in any data center.

McClellan now purchases multiple customizable investment plans from BTC Hashrate, FIL Hashrate, and DOGE Hashrate. With a 150% average return, frankly, who wouldn’t want it? His pay is about $25,000 per month, but with referral incentives, it sometimes rises to $30,000 or more. In order to demonstrate the profitability of the cloud mining sector, McClellan plans to increase his investments in Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma—three regions that value Bitcoin mining.

Bytebus’s business manager Tracy Wade draws attention to the possibility that new customers could learn how to invest in cloud mining from McClellan’s story. Some platform users may not be familiar with the fundamentals of bitcoin, but they may surely build the groundwork for understanding that investment perspective. $100 and $20,000 are their investments.

The majority of our business has been done here during the last six months, according to Tracy Wade. He added that Bytebus was expanding its clientele to include institutional clients.


Cloud mining is the best way to get passive money

For instance, one entrepreneur, Nevin Bannister, has outsourced the services of the cloud mining platform to establish a mega Bitcoin mining operation in the hopes of future public market expansion.

According to Bannister, when utilizing Bytebus, “everything is clear and simple to manage.” The sophisticated cloud mining infrastructure that is now available makes connecting it to the system, renting a miner, and having everything else taken care of for you simple.

So far, Bannister has purchased more than 10 investment plans, all of them are working properly and generating very good profits every day, everything is going very well.

While Bannister didn’t disclose his monthly income, he said each plan would make $4,100 a month in profit, and on more than 10 plans, assuming $41,000 a month, that’s $492,000 a year. I am able to achieve my goals, which include constructing a reliable and secure place to store my assets and sensitive data….he continued. This was possible since I enjoy trying new things.

He identifies himself as “an incredibly diligent businessman who places a premium on obtaining new abilities.” Bannister has, according to his LinkedIn profile, sold many companies, and the worth of the startups he helped build is now larger than $800 million. It reminds me of when the internet was in its infancy.

Tracy Wade has never doubts about who she is or what she can do. In order to accommodate bigger businesses like Bannister, we want to increase the amount of miners we can operate on the cloud mining network. He understands the value of each Bytebus user to the expansion and performance of our company as a whole. He asserts that small-scale miners will benefit from the corporation’s fees since they will increase the availability of mining space at more affordable prices.


About Bytebus

Bytebus welcome bonus

With Bytebus cloud mining, users may invest with ease and are guaranteed a profit. Large data centers are now operated by Bytebus in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Iceland. The only company in the world, Bytebus, has been given a five-year license by the Kazakh government to encourage land leasing and development.

Throughout the first half of 2022, Bytebus firmly established itself as the best company in terms of profitability and user growth. It has established a strong reputation and a competitive edge over other businesses with four years of flawless cloud mining services.

The company provides excellent support to anyone who wants to invest in various programs and guarantees a 100% profit. The platform offers a lot of advantages as well. You will get a $10 bonus when you sign up, and after you make an account, you will get a special link. You can start sharing the URL on websites, blogs, forums, and social media, among other places. Every time someone signs up or makes a purchase through your connection, you will get compensated.

Finally, the Bytebus mining platform is great for assisting cryptocurrency aficionados in boosting their income. It protects the assets of users and has the support of experts and analysts.

To learn more about Bytebus and to browse a variety of plans visit get your mining career started, go to




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