Get an extra 10% off this already affordable cloud VPN service for small businesses

TL;DR: As of Nov. 17, you can get UTunnel’s Cloud VPN Solution Subscription for just $5 a month. And, for a limited time, Mashable readers get an additional 10% off their monthly subscription cost with code MASH10.

With the rising number of cyber crimes reported around the world, businesses are now presented with the pressing issue of securing their sensitive internal resources from data snoopers. When you want your business to stay safe and secure online, a trusty virtual private network solution for Business VPN is usually one of the first lines of defense. Shielded by fortified and encrypted tunnels to facilitate the secure transmission of data traffic, a VPN allows employees to access the internet and work without worrying about cybercriminals.

To cater to the needs of a solo user, a simple consumer-grade VPN is more than enough. But when you’re a small or medium business trying to oversee and protect the network access of a small fleet of employees, along with all of their devices, a regular VPN is a no-go. To secure the digital data resources of such a business, a reliable and robust business-centric VPN solution is what you need.

It may be tough for business owners who are not proficient in the intricacies of IT to find an ideal VPN solution, managing a VPN network may turn out to be much more challenging. That’s where UTunnel comes into play. Created as a turnkey VPN as a Service solution, UTunnel’s cloud VPN solution is streamlined to serve the security needs of the ever-evolving business networks. 

UTunnel’s business VPN solution is easily deployable and manageable. It’s made to be like building a bubble around an entire business network, offering the business owner full control and visibility over the employees’ network and resource access. UTunnel is designed so that even a manager with no IT experience can easily launch and manage a dedicated VPN server for business use.

It boasts a sleek and simple dashboard that provides the business owner or admin with a bird’s eye view of the entire network and lets you manage VPN servers and user access. This web console is feature-packed and easy to use, ensuring an easy VPN configuration experience even for novice users who are new to the nuances of networking.

There are two options on offer, for deploying a VPN server with UTunnel — an integrated cloud option and Bring-Your-Own-Server(BYOS/on-premise) option. The simpler of the two is the integrated cloud option. It lets you deploy cloud VPN servers with UTunnel’s cloud provider partners like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzner, UpCloud, Kamatera, etc. in just a few clicks. For those more tech-savvy customers, who need more control and flexibility with their VPN, UTunnel offers the Bring-Your-Own-Server option that allows them to bring their own physical or virtual Ubuntu 20.04 device and set up the VPN server on it.

UTunnel offers a sleek and simple Site-to-Site VPN tunneling functionality in its toolbox, allowing businesses to have their main office stay connected with their branch offices and Virtual Private Clouds. This feature ensures easy communication and resource sharing between the connected networks as if they are part of a single network.

UTunnel’s business-centric features like split tunneling, single sign-on(SSO), and 2-factor authentication further add flexibility and strengthen business network security. SSO integration with Identity Providers like Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta, and OneLogin makes signing into UTunnel easy and smooth.

Moreover, other features such as split routing/split tunneling, multi-factor authentication, event/connection logs, and granular access management using access control policies add more adaptability to the business VPN network. Plus, Single Sign-on(SSO) integrations with identity providers like Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta, and OneLogin, enable safe and secure one-click log-in. 

While being a feature-rich business VPN solution that combines safety, flexibility, and ease of use, UTunnel has still managed to keep the pricing affordable. With the pricing starting at $5 and $7.5 per user per month for the basic and standard licenses respectively, UTunnel makes affordable network security a reality for every small and midsize business owner. While the basic license offers basic VPN functionalities, the standard plan offers more features ideal for SMBs.

With no minimum purchase requirements imposed on you like many other VPN solutions, you pay only for what you need. Designed as a VPN as a Service that combines affordability with essential security, UTunnel promises to be ideal for small and medium business enterprises. For a limited time, Mashable readers get an additional 10% off their monthly subscription cost with code MASH10.

Prices are subject to change.

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