Survey of 26K Developers Finds Java, Python, Kotlin, and Rust Growing Rapidly – Slashdot

While the popularity of jQuery is decreasing, React.JS “is currently the most widely used client-side framework,” reports ZDNet, citing SlashData’s 23rd State of the Developer Nation report (compiled from more than 26,000 developers last summer from 163 countries).

ZDNet believe it shows developers “experimenting less and sticking with what they know and what works.”

JavaScript remains the largest programming language community, SlashData found. According to its research, there are an estimated 19.6 million developers worldwide using JavaScript every day in everything from web development and mobile apps to backend coding, cloud and game design. Java, meanwhile, is growing rapidly. In the last two years, the size of the Java community has more than doubled from 8.3 million to 16.5 million, SlashData found. For perspective, the global developer population grew about half as fast over the same period….

Python also continued to grow strongly, adding about eight million new developers over the last two years, according to SlashData. It accredited the rise of data science and machine learning as “a clear factor in Python’s growing popularity”. Approximately 63% of machine-learning developers and data scientists report using Python, whereas less than 15% use R, another programming language often associated with data science.
Both the Kotlin and Rust communities doubled in size in the past two years, the article points out. But according to the survey, only 9% of developers were involved in blockchain technologies.

Yet 27% of respondents reported they were learning about (if not currently working on) cryptocurrency-based projects. ZDNet summarizes the findings:

Of the three blockchain technologies covered in the report, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were found to be of least interest to developers: 58% showed “no interest” in NFTs, which SlashData said was “likely due to its perception as a novelty”.

The report found that one-quarter (25%) of developers currently work on, or are learning about, blockchain applications other than cryptocurrencies.

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