The American Elite Are Colluding With Kiev & The SBU To Meddle In The Upcoming Midterms

The American Elite Are Colluding With Kiev & The SBU To Meddle In The Upcoming Midterms

The collusion between some Americans and the Ukrainian government literally involves the President himself, a sitting member of Congress, and an advisor to a registered neoconservative lobbying organization, among many others. It’s of the highest importance that Americans be made aware of this unprecedented meddling in their democracy.

Politico, which is regarded as a reliable source about domestic American affairs, reported on 17 October that the Democrats’ midterm hopes are fading as the Republican opposition continues gaining support. It’s common for the ruling party to underperform between presidential election cycles, but this time that dynamic appears to be driven by voters’ rising anger at the Biden Administration for giving tens of billions to Ukraine at the expense of investing that massive sum into improving their own people’s lives.

On the topic of that country, which is the scene of US-led NATO’s ongoing proxy war against Russia, there’s evidence to suggest that its leader and his intelligence services are clandestinely cooperating with the Democrats in a last-ditch effort to turn around the ruling party’s dismal electoral prospects. The Washington Post (WaPo), which like Politico is regarded as a reliable source about domestic American affairs, published a report that very strongly implied precisely that on 11 October.

In their piece about how “Biden scrambles to avert cracks in pro-Ukraine coalition”, they cited an unnamed former White House official to reveal that “Biden understood as a fellow politician that Zelensky had to advocate forcefully for his people, but he also told the Ukrainian leader privately that it would be hard for him to keep asking Congress for money if Zelensky appeared ungrateful and kept saying it was not enough”.

If this information is true, then it means that US President Joe Biden is withholding support for a close American military partner for self-interested domestic political reasons exactly like his predecessor former US President Donald Trump allegedly did and which resulted in his impeachment. The top Democrat appears to have realized that public support for his declining unipolar hegemon’s proxy war has waned and is now genuinely unpopular, hence the need to ask Zelensky to stop begging for now.

There might be more too it than just that, however, as suggested by Fox News on 15 October in their report about how “US poised for slowdown in high-end munitions deliveries to Ukraine”. They cited experts who interpreted an answer given by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a press conference in Brussels on 12 October as very strongly implying that NATO’s military stockpiles have been largely depleted as a result of the unprecedented military aid given to Kiev for their proxy war.

Should this be the case, then Biden’s reported demand for Zelensky to stop his ungrateful begging might have also been motivated by military-strategic calculations connected to the US and its allies’ inability to continue supporting Kiev at the same scale and pace as before. Instead of candidly acknowledging this and thus risking the scenario of Kiev resuming peace talks without their approval in order to pragmatically cut its losses, Biden reportedly implied that this is purely due to domestic calculations.

These two reports are already scandalous enough as it is, but there’s even more to it that Americans should be very concerned about. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who can be regarded as the US’ “Grand Inquisitor” due to his leading role in propagating the Russiagate conspiracy theory against former President Trump and his current role in the January 6th hearings, has openly joined the so-called “North Atlantic Fellas Organization” (NAFO).

He told a reporter in an interview published on 24 September that NAFO “will be a marker in history in terms of countering a hostile state’s lies and propaganda”, but the reality is that it’s actually a global troll network associated with Ukrainian intelligence (SBU). Investigative journalist Moss Robeson exposed these connections in his detailed article about “Ukes, Kooks & Spooks: #NAFO”. In it, he also showed how NAFO members – including its Polish founder Kamil Dyszewski – openly glorify fascism.

As a patriotic American who’s passionately against foreign meddling in our democracy, especially that which is driven by a neo-fascist regime whose global troll network shamelessly pushes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories such as Holocaust denial exactly as Dyszewski infamously did, I took it upon myself to directly inform Congressman Kinzinger about the truth behind the organization that he joined. To my sincere regret, however, he didn’t disown that SBU-backed anti-Semitic and fascist influence operation.

Rather, as everyone can see for themselves in our Twitter exchanges here, here, and here, he doubled down and even ordered NAFO to attack me by tagging them in his last response. Not only is this sitting member of the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs refusing to denounce the group that he was made aware of being an anti-Semitic and fascist global troll network backed by a foreign intelligence agency, but he’s weaponizing them to attack dissident Americans like myself.

Congressman Kinzinger then retweeted a conspiracy theory by Ivana Stradner alleging that Robeson’s report about NAFO is supposedly an “aggressive information operations campaign for the Western audience” waged by Russia to discredit US military support for Kiev. About her, she’s a self-declared “proud” neoconservative who serves as an advisor to the “Foundation for Defense of Democracies” (FDD), which is a registered lobbying organization.

Stradner also co-authored an article with David R. Shedd, the former acting director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), on 7 September at Politico about “Waging Psychological War Against Russia”.  Considering her close professional relationship with the Pentagon’s former spy chief, she can therefore objectively be described as a DIA asset. Stradner’s support of NAFO coupled with her conspiracy theories about Russia thus make her an agent of influence for Ukrainian and US intelligence.

Returning back to Congressman Kinzinger’s endorsement of Stradner’s earlier cited tweet after having explained her important role in the intelligence-policymaking-media axis, both posts can therefore be understood as attempts to meddle in the midterms through their efforts to counteract Robseon’s investigative report about NAFO by dismissing the facts contained within and smearing it all as an “aggressive information operations campaign” allegedly waged by Russia.

In other words, both intelligence-connected individuals – Congressman Kinzinger with respect to the SBU via his membership in NAFO and Stradner when it comes to the DIA due to her close professional relationship with its former chief – are gaslighting the American people with baseless conspiracy theories in order to deflect from the fact that Ukrainian intelligence is waging an unprecedented influence operation against US voters ahead of next month’s tense midterms.

To elaborate, Congressman Kinzinger regularly calls on this SBU-backed anti-Semitic and fascist global troll network to attack his fellow Americans simply because they exercise their constitutionally enshrined freedom of speech to express political views that differ from the US Government’s. Quite clearly, the country’s “Grand Inquisitor” is expanding his witch hunts to include average Americans on social media by ordering a foreign intelligence-backed organization to harass them for their views.

Stradner, meanwhile, uses her influential lobbying role to complement his manipulation of Americans’ perceptions by laundering discredited conspiracy theories alleging that the documented evidence of NAFO’s backing by the SBU and the prominent role that anti-Semitic and fascist narratives play in conveying its message are supposedly nothing but fabrications by Russia. The truth, however, is that Ukraine’s foreign intelligence is working with a congressman and a DIA asset to meddle in the elections.

What’s so curious about this observation is that Congressman Kinzinger and Stradner are both Republicans who are doing this in support of the ruling Democrats, which proves that US-led NATO’s proxy war on Russia through the crumbling former Soviet Republic of Ukraine enjoys the bipartisan support of the American elite with few exceptions. Both intelligence-connected individuals and those like them clearly fear that anti-establishment Republicans might change that though if they’re elected.

They’re thus working closely with the ruling Democrats and intelligence agencies, Congressman Kinzinger with respect to the SBU and Stradner with the DIA, to prevent those figures’ elections during the upcoming midterms by waging psychological warfare on their fellow Americans. Not only is Ukrainian intelligence’s latest project being used by them to suppress voters’ rising dissent on social media over the US’ unprecedented military aid to Kiev, but also any speculation about its future, too.

The reader should be reminded of the insight that was shared in the beginning of this analysis regarding WaPo and Fox News’ reports about this subject. The first revealed that Biden demanded that Zelensky stop his ungrateful begging, with it being strongly implied that it’s worsening the ruling Democrats’ already dismal prospects ahead of the midterms, while the second interpreted Secretary of Defense Austin’s recent remarks as suggesting the US’ limited military-industrial capacity to support Kiev.

With this in mind, the collusion between some Americans and the Ukrainian government literally involves the President himself, a sitting member of Congress, and an advisor to a registered neoconservative lobbying organization, among many others. The first reportedly did the same thing that got his predecessor impeached, the second is a declared member of the SBU’s global troll network, while the third launders anti-Russian conspiracy theories on behalf of that same network.

These efforts can undeniably be described as meddling in the midterms. Biden’s reported demand will keep Zelensky’s ungrateful begging out of the media, Congressman Kinzinger’s collusion with the SBU will see that foreign intelligence-backed troll network aggressively harass Americans with “politically incorrect” opinions, while Stradner’s information warfare products will defend the integrity of that aforesaid network with anti-Russian conspiracy theories from the damning facts that Robseon revealed.

It’s of the highest importance that Americans be made aware of this unprecedented meddling in their democracy. The elite, from Biden all the way down to Congressman Kinzinger and DIA asset Stradner, have joined forces despite partisan differences on other issues in order to manipulate voters’ perceptions ahead of the midterms due to their desperate desire to influence them against voting for anti-establishment Republicans who they fear might curtail the US’ proxy war against Russia if they win.

This goes to show just how obsessed the American elite are with reversing their unipolar hegemon’s decline amidst the global systemic transition to multipolarity that they’d go to such unparalleled lengths to prevent the possible curtailment of their proxy war by colluding with a foreign country to that end. What Biden reportedly just did should get him impeached like Trump was on the exact same grounds, while Congressman Kinzinger should be forced to register as a foreign agent, if not charged with a crime.

It’s perhaps also partially due to their own guilty consciences connected to their illegal collusion with Ukraine that they’re so desperate to stop the election of anti-establishment Republicans during the upcoming midterms since they fear that Congress might order investigations into their crimes. Biden broke the law by withholding aid from a close US military partner for self-interested domestic political reasons while Congressman Kinzinger is illegally operating as an undeclared agent of a foreign country.

Considering how afraid the American elite are of those anti-establishment Republicans that are running for election early next month, it can therefore be concluded that there’s a plausible chance that those figures would pragmatically curtail their country’s dangerous proxy war on Russia if elected. This explains why Biden and Congressmen Kinzinger broke the law by colluding with Ukraine in order to stop them. Hopefully they’ll be held accountable for their treasonous crimes by the next Congress.

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