Lyft’s Pink subscription plan is back with a lower $10 fee (and fewer perks) | Engadget

Lyft is once again rethinking its monthly subscription plan, and this time the cost might be easier to justify. The company has re-launched its Pink membership at $10 per month or $99 per year, or about half the previous price. You lose the discounts on all rides. Instead, the focus is on perks that may save you money in the long run. You now get free priority pickups that, according to Lyft, save an average of $3 to $4 per trip. You’ll also receive “at least” a 5 percent discount on Preferred, Lux and XL rides, three free cancellations per month, a free bike or scooter unlock each month, free Sixt car rental upgrades, GrubHub+ discounts and roadside assistance for your own car up to four times every year.

The company still hopes you’ll pay more. For $199 per year, Lyft Pink All Access includes unlimited 45-minute “classic” bike rides, unlimited e-bike and scooter unlocks (with discounted rates) and three yearly bike or scooter guest passes. If you regularly get around town on two wheels, this could represent a significant savings.

Drivers still get paid the same regardless of your discounts, Lyft says. You’ll also receive a discount on rides if priority pickups aren’t available when you book. Bike and scooter bonuses aren’t available everywhere, however. You’ll need to use them in a handful of US cities, including Denver, Los Angeles and New York City.

There’s no mystery behind the reasons for the Pink re-do. This is Lyft’s answer to Uber One, which costs the same $10 per month and shares the focus on “priority” service. Where Uber splits its attention between ridesharing and food deliveries, though, Lyft concentrates on transportation. Whichever service suits your tastes, the goal is the same — this is meant to ensure your loyalty while providing a recurring boost to the company’s bottom line.

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