Telos Expands its Ecosystem: Developing a Full-scale Multi-part Plan


Telos blockchain has launched a 54 million TLOS fund to incentivize developers to build and deploy on its ecosystem. The EVM-enabled smart contract platform announced this new development today as part of the program to take the network to the next level and bring more liquidity to its growing Defi ecosystem. While the network already has some Defi projects, such as Sushi, Omnilend, Elk, and others, there is plenty of room for more AMM and lending projects. In fact, there is a need for more projects to attract more Defi users to the Telos launches Incentivization plan to boost Defi Ecosystem.


3 crucial phases of Telos’ revolution

Implementation will take place in three phases. In the first stage, which is foundational in nature, the team implements the technical solutions essential for expansion. The TEDP3 proposal will accomplish this by freeing up funding from other proposals and setting the basis for the incentive scheme.

Phase One is a preparatory stage where the team deploys the technical solutions needed to enable growth. This includes laying the groundwork for the incentive program by freeing up funds from other proposals. This will be achieved with the TEDP3 proposal.

The preparation will include two key technical features: the TLOS liquid staking app, and Gnosis Safe deployment. Thanks to liquid sTLOS tokens, holders will be able to bridge their tokens to the tEVM environment, using them in DeFi while still earning staking yield. While Gnosis Safe, an industry standard for multisig wallets, will help teams manage their operation with higher safety. Finally, this phase has seen Telos Foundation hiring a dedicated Head of DeFi, who previously grew a protocol to over $500 million in total value locked.

Phase Two is the process of turning on the liquidity incentives. When everything is ready and TEDP is passed, TLOS incentives will be provided for supplying liquidity in DEXs, farming, joining yield aggregators and more. The goal is to provide enough liquidity to the ecosystem to attract users from other chains through token bridges, and make them stick.

Phase Three will see the ecosystem use the newfound liquidity to build more products in the DeFi stack. Here, new Telos native projects are expected to launch, diversifying into fields like stablecoins, launchpads, order book DEXs and more. Phase Three is about building momentum and is key to making the liquidity incentives worthwhile.


Lending and borrowing in the DeFi ecosystem

Lending and borrowing platforms have become a tremendous part of the DeFi ecosystem. Users can lock crypto positions into a smart contract and borrow against their position. Other users can lock crypto positions into a smart contract and generate yield by allowing their coins to be lent out to borrowers.

An interesting thing to note is the yields generated by lenders in the DeFi ecosystem are substantially higher than the traditional financial system. Running a smart contract is much more cost-effective than running a traditional bank; therefore, nearly all of the yield generated from lending money is passed directly back to the lender via the smart contract. Many people place their trust in these transparent smart contracts and are able to generate a significant income from their utilization.

In a world of ultra-low interest rates, the cost-effective smart contracts are providing a technological solution to this problem. Many people are upset with central bankers for allowing interest rates to be so low, and a solution isn’t found by political persuasion but rather through technology, which has yet again created an opportunity for borrowers and savers alike. Perhaps it would be wise to hedge your bets on the traditional banking system through building a robust DeFi portfolio.

“With the passing of TDEP3 we’re finally ready to launch the new phase of the Telos EVM network,” said Justin Giudici, Telos Foundation CEO. “We’ve studied other approaches carefully and formulated a comprehensive plan. The goal is to use the liquidity incentives to attract a critical mass of teams to expand the DeFi ecosystem in Telos, who will find a fast EVM environment with no front-running, or MEV.”


About Telos

Telos is a high-capacity network and one of the most active blockchain platforms in the world according to Blocktivity. Telos features a robust, third generation blockchain governance system including advanced voting features and smart contracts that can be fully configured to meet the needs of any developer. Created by developers, for developers as a global grassroots project, Telos is one of the most decentralized blockchain platforms in existence. Telos Decide™ extends the chain’s state-of-the-art blockchain and governance features to all DApps on its platform, delivering the best user experience in the marketplace. Telos also supports the blockchain ecosystem by serving as an incubator and accelerator for decentralized applications through community voted development grants.‍

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