How to Boost Efficiency with Expense Management Software

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Managing your expenses can be a complex task for any company. With potentially large volumes of transactions taking place every day, it’s important to have the best method of expense management in your business.

There are many ways in which this process can be carried out, but the most superior option is through expense management software.

In this article, you’ll learn what expense management software is and how it can help boost efficiency across your business when dealing with your finances.

What is expense management software?

Expense management software is an expert business tool that’s designed to help you improve your expense management process.

Business expenses are any form of payments which are conducted by a member of the company, for the company, and need to be reimbursed.

This could be anything from a regular software subscription service that a specific team in the company uses, to any type of payments made while an employee is conducting business travel.

It’s essential that all these expenses are tracked and managed effectively, so your company has full visibility and control over how it’s spending money.

Often, businesses are accustomed to the traditional processing of expenses, which involves more manual intervention, such as logging receipts, recording transactions, requesting payment approvals, etc.

With expense management software, this entire process is conducted on a central platform where you’re given a range of useful features to assist in the monitoring, controlling, and evaluating of corporate expenses.

This includes providing extensive data on every expense throughout the company, as well as things such as spend controls and automated functions.

Expense management software is the product of how business processes have evolved over time to become more effective and efficient, and have incorporated technology to further assist in this.

How can expense management software boost business efficiency?

Among the many different benefits expense management software brings to your company, one of the most important is how it boosts the efficiency of the entire expense management process. It achieves this in a number of ways, including:

  • Automated processes

With your expense management software, you can have many processes automated which would traditionally need to be handled manually – taking up precious time.

For one, you can implement automated approvals in your business, which means any payments which fall into certain criteria will be automatically approved when requested.

This criteria is specified by you and can cover a range of different things, such as the specific business team, the amount being spent, the service being purchased, etc.

This will ensure a much speedier processes of managing expenses, since you won’t need to constantly approve every transaction, as the software can tailor its automated approvals to what you want.

  • Control over spending

Expense management software also offers a range of useful features which enable you to better control your spending, and this can significantly increase efficiency.

One example of the features available is spend limits. This can be set to ensure that no business expenses exceed a certain amount of money, as the transactions will be automatically halted.

The exact limits are set by you, and can be varied throughout different business teams, as well as multiple virtual cards.

By controlling corporate spend, you won’t need to spend time monitoring every business expense and ensuring everyone remains within budget, as the control features will handle this effectively.

  • Full visibility and alerts

Another key to efficiency is having full visibility and awareness of every aspect of your company’s expense management.

With your software, you’ll be provided with a clear and easy to use system, where all of your expense management data can be organized to best suit your needs.

For example, you can easily categorize different types of expenses into groups, such as any software as a service (SaaS) payments or travel expenses.

You’ll also be kept fully in the loop of how your company is handling each expense, with detailed alerts for a variety of things, such as a transaction that oversteps a spend limit, a team that exceeds a budget, or various insights into how you can spend better.

By having this complete visibility, you’ll no longer need to spend time looking for certain data within your records or logbooks, as everything you need is laid out plainly on your platform.

Expense management software can traditionally be a time-consuming process. However, by incorporating expert expense management software into your company, you’ll bring a significant wave of efficiency to the way you handle all your finances.

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