Must-have Cryptocurrencies: MOSHNAKE, DOGECOIN, and 1INCH

MOSHNAKEAs a smart crypto enthusiast, you need to fill your portfolio with an asset from each of the booming sectors in the crypto market. DeFi, GameFi, and Meme assets have enjoyed success in the past, and history may likely repeat itself. The crypto winter has wreaked havoc over the past months, but the bull market promises to overturn some of these effects.

Market analysts have tipped Dogecoin (DOGE) and 1inch (1INCH) to increase in market price, but the emphasis has been on Moshnake (MSH), the new play-to-earn (P2E) crypto asset currently having a great presale. Predictions have been that the crypto asset could be the next P2E token to blow, making it a must-have cryptocurrency.


Dogecoin (DOGE)


Dogecoin remains the topmost meme coin in the market despite the bear market rally effect. While the meme crypto asset has suffered a great price decline after peaking at $0.7 in 2021, analysts believe it still has what it takes to return a profit to holders in the coming days.

Although, most of the top crypto market players are united in thoughts about the inability of the meme coin to repeat the unprecedented price surge that saw it make crypto millionaires in the previous year. Doge is an open source and peer-to-peer digital currency with an ever-growing and supportive community that collaborates towards ensuring each other’s growth.

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Dogecoin’s community is one of the factors that has kept it relevant to date. According to Doge’s website, the community perfectly reflects Dogecoin’s unofficial tagline, “Do Only Good Everyday.” Holders are expectant of a great bull run, which is not looking unlikely.


1inch (1INCH)


1INCH is a utility token powering a 1inch liquidity protocol, decentralized finance (DeFi), and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. It boasts the highest liquidity and lowest rates on major blockchains and unites protocols that provide fast, secure, and profitable DeFi operations.

1inch is built on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. The crypto asset was one of the numerous cryptocurrencies that had a great bull run in the previous year, peaking at $7.87. It reached an all-time low of $0.5 a few months back due to the crypto crash that has plagued this trading year.

Irrespective, cryptocurrency is among those tipped for a great bull market run. Purchasing at this current low market price is a smart decision with potential profit.


Moshnake (MSH)


Moshnake is presently one of the best presale tokens to purchase in the coin market. The play-to-earn gaming cryptocurrency has been tipped as a must-have cryptocurrency in 2022. It is a retro-game-inspired gaming crypto asset that aims to provide users with much fun and rewards.

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Moshnake promises to bring players nostalgia as it is modeled after the classic snake game on old model Nokia phones. The P2E games will have various non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be won and sold in the game’s marketplace. The most important NFT is the Monshake NFT which is needed to play the game.

The gameplay involves feeding the Moshnake NFTs with more eggs and winning more in-game items than your opponent without clashing with them in the battle royale arena. It also has a single-player mode. The Blockchain game is built on the BNB smart chain network, which makes it highly functional and cost-effective.

Moshnake is having a successful presale, and entry at this point could bring profitable returns when it finally launches. The adoption potential is high, and market analysts have tipped it for a great run in the coming months. Join the presale now to avoid missing out and find out more below:




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