LUNC And Terra Investors Buying This Coin Shall Make 100X Profits – Read Why


The last few days have increased the number of Terra and LUNC community members buying Bitgert (BRISE). In fact, a majority of the selling Terra and LUNC holders have added Bitgert to their portfolios. This is because of this coin’s immense potential to make them good profits.

Terra and LUNC holders buying Bitgert are tapping on the massive price growth that Bitgert has been posting. Unlike Terra, LUNC, and most of the top largest cryptocurrencies, Bitgert price has been on an upward trajectory. Looking at the Coinmarketcap data, Bitgert had posted an increase in price in 2022.

Bitgert price growth has been explosive for the last few weeks. In fact, Bitgert has been one of the best-performing coins in the market. At the time of this writing, Bitgert price was still doing better than Terra and LUNC. In fact, Bitgert investors were in a better place as of writing this week than Terra and LUNC.

There is also a big number of Terra and LUNC buying Bitgert because of the upcoming development and the potential that Bitgert has to explode in the future. In fact, Bitgert has a bigger utility than both Terra and LUNC projects. This means Bitgert price growth is majorly being driven by the growing adoption of Bitgert products and projects.

LUNC and Terra investors understand the growth in value that $BRISE will get after the launch of the Bitgert roadmap V2 products and the 1000+ partnerships. The roadmap V2 is bringing highly disruptive products, including the Bitgert decentralized operating system, the decentralized marketplaces, CEX, and many others.

Terra and LUNC holders are attracted by the disruptive Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. This is the only zero gas fee chain in the industry. It is also the only blockchain in the industry with $0.00000001 as the gas fee and the 100k TPS. These features make $BRISE very attractive to Terra and LUNC holders.


Centcex (CENX)

Another mooning crypto coin that has attracted a lot of crypto investors, including Terra and LUNC, is Centcex. Like Bitgert, the Centcex coin has been bullish in 2022. The Centcex 2022 price-performance was still green as of writing.

Centcex price has also been exploding in the past few months. These are factors that are making Centcex attractive to the Terra and LUNC communities.

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