Terra Luna Classic’s (LUNC) 600% Rally Shows Community Tokens Like Floki (FLOKI) Will be Bear Market Winners

Terra Luna Classic’s (LUNC) recent 600% rally has implications for utility-focused community tokens like Floki (FLOKI).

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), the community owned version of Terraform Labs Do Kwon’s Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency, recently witnessed a peak rally of 600% from its August bottom. This makes it the biggest winner among the top 100 cryptocurrencies as well as one of the biggest winners in crypto overall in the past month and through the bear market.

While this rally has confounded many, one of the things that has stood out the most for Terra Luna Classic is the power of its massive community that continues to dominate social media and push for attention to be focused on the project.

Currently sitting at a $2.3 billion market cap, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is a large cap cryptocurrency already. However, there are other small cap, utility-focused cryptocurrencies like Floki (FLOKI) with similar community power to Terra Luna Classic that are worth paying attention to.

Floki has catalysts lined up for it through the rest of the year, including the mainnet launch of its much anticipated innovative digital asset locker protocol, FlokiFi Locker, that is expected to happen this month.

Early Trends Show Community Tokens Like Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and Floki (FLOKI) Could be the Bear Market’s Biggest Winner

The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) rally is mostly driven by the community successfully pushing for a token burn to make the project deflationary. This active push of the community has resulted in hashtags like #LUNC, #LUNCBurn, #LunaClassic, #LunaBurn, and #LUNAClassicBurn on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Similarly, Floki has been trending regularly on Twitter with keywords like #Floki, #FlokiFi, and #Valhalla – with the #FlokiFi and #Valhalla hashtags signifying lots of people talking about its soon-to-launch crypto locker protocol and Play2Earn NFT metaverse game on the popular social media platform.

Floki’s soon-to-launch FlokiFi Locker protocol integrates a transactional buyback and burn mechanism which automatically uses 25% of the protocol’s transaction fees to buyback and burn FLOKI tokens on the blockchains the FLOKI token is available. This makes FLOKI perpetually deflationary and will be massively bullish for the Floki as soon as FlokiFi Locker goes live on mainnet later this month and projects start to lock their tokens.

Floki’s Recent Partnership Announcements Shows It’s Gaining Traction

Besides being a strong community project like Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), Floki’s heavy focus on utility has seen it attract several massive partners in the past month that make it clear the cryptocurrency is gaining traction. These partnerships have mostly been with major blockchains, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and launchpads that want to use and integrate Floki’s protocol that will be launching on mainnet later this month: FlokiFi Locker.

Major partnerships Floki recently announced include:

  • Partnerships with the OKX Chain and Kucoin Community Chains – blockchains associated with two of the world’s biggest CEXs, OKX and Kucoin.
  • A partnership with Trader Joe, the number 1 DEX on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain.
  • A partnership with Chainlink – the industry leading decentralized blockchain oracle solution.
  • A partnership with ApeSwap – one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the Binance Chain.
  • Partnerships with several launchpads that include Infinity Pad, Zelwin Finance, and Kommunitas.

Floki is the Community Crypto Token to Watch in 2022

While nothing in this piece should be construed as financial advice, it is important to note that Floki (FLOKI) is a much smaller cryptocurrency than Terra Classic (LUNC), which means it has more potential.

Floki’s strong community of 415,000 holders continue to talk about it, which has resulted in the cryptocurrency trending on social media platform Twitter almost daily. The project also has a strong focus on building utility products like the FlokiFi Locker protocol that make the FLOKI token perpetually deflationary. This makes Floki the community crypto token to pay attention to in 2022!

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