Splatoon 3 is already record-settingly huge in Japan

According to a press release, the third installment of the popular Splatoon franchise sold over 3.45 million units over a three-day period in Japan That makes Splatoon 3 the biggest Japanese launch ever for a Nintendo game, and reportedly the biggest Japanese launch for any platform ever, says VGC.

The first Splatoon game came out in 2015 for the Wii U and marked a rare new IP from Nintendo. The series takes place in a world full of beings who can shift from cephlapodic to humanoid form, who battle for territory by shooting each other with ink. The game exploded in popularity, with many drawn to the innovative take on the third-person shooter genre. The second game in the series came out in 2017 for Nintendo Switch, and refined some of the mechanics and expanded the storyline.

Splatoon 3 launched this past Friday, on Sept. 9. The third game in the series adds new weapons and gameplay mechanics.

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