Cardano (ADA) Price to Surge 50% in September With Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade – Coin Bureau

Cardano’s (ADA) Blockchain is all set for the Vasil Hard Fork to upgrade in September. This is supposed to radically change the network’s protocol regarding transaction fees, speed, and a decentralized App.

According to a popular crypto analyst, Cardano (ADA) may outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in the short term as traders may think of hedging against Ethereum’s (ETH) upcoming merger event.

The Coin Bureau host told his 2.1 million YouTube subscribers that he views ETH competitors as hedges against the Merge if the update doesn’t go as planned.

“One of the ways I’ve personally been hedging myself against something going wrong with Ethereum’s merge is to hold competing smart contract cryptocurrencies as a part of my portfolio, and this includes Cardano’s ADA,” he mentioned.

The Youtuber continued by saying that Cardano seems all geared up to see gains against the top digital asset by market cap.

“ADA seems to be overdue for an appreciation against BTC on the weekly chart. This is because ADA has historically fallen against ETH for around eight weeks before seeing a multi-week rally. As you can see, ADA has been falling against ETH for about eight weeks and is showing signs of a reversal” 

The host went on to predict that Cardano (ADA) could see a 50% gain soon.

He added; 

“Note that [appreciating against BTC] does not necessarily translate to a higher price for ADA in fiat terms, but ADA’s daily and weekly price action in fiat terms suggest it could see a 50% gain in the coming weeks.

But I must stress that this ultimately depends on whether the crypto market sees a short-term recovery. I should also note that Cardano’s Vasil hard fork will expose the project to the same sorts of issues Ethereum could experience during its upgrade.

This is probably why other Ethereum competitors such as Solana appear to be on the brink of a bigger breakout against both ETH and the USD.”

ADA is floating at $0.4487 at the time of writing, with a trading volume of $424,904,899.

The Cardano (ADA) Upgrade

Currently, Cardano (ADA) is the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Cardano’s Blockchain is all set for the Vasil Hard Fork to upgrade in September.

The Vasil Hard Fork upgrade will supposedly improve the network’s performance and Cardano’s Plutus smart contract programming language, which aims to support the creation of decentralized applications (dApps). About a week ago, Charles Hoskinson from Cardano tweeted about the progress of the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade.

The Cardano Upgrade is expected to bring in a host of changes in terms of transaction fees, scalability of the Decentralised App, and the speed of transactions.

Sharing his views on the same, the Coin Bureau host said that ADA counteracts as a hedge against the Ethereum Merge mainly because Cardano itself is also going to make this Vasil Hard Fork Upgradation in September.

“It would be an admittedly strategic move if Cardano improved its scalability around the time Ethereum transitions to proof-of-stake. This is because it would put Cardano in a perfect position to acquire users and investors if The Merge fails or simply fails to meet the expectations of ETH holders.”

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