Two ‘Ringleaders’ Convicted In Whitmer Kidnapping Case

After a previous acquittal that triggered a mistrial, a federal jury in Grand Rapids, Michigan have convicted two men charged with plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Barry Croft Jr., left, and Adam Fox, via Kent County Sheriff’s Office

It was the second trial for the pair, Potterville resident Adam Fox and Delaware truck driver Barry Croft, after a jury in April was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The pair face up to life in federal prison.

Two other men involved in the plot were acquitted, and two more pleaded guilty and turned state’s witness.

Jurors deliberated for around eight hours following the controversial trial – in which the defense raised concerns over FBI misconduct, and whether the accused plotters were entrapped, the Detroit News notes.

Prosecutors rested their case Thursday after seven days of testimony. An undercover FBI agent told jurors about a stop at a bridge near Whitmer’s northern Michigan cottage during a night ride by anti-government extremists to continue planning a kidnapping. 

Fox and Croft were portrayed by prosecutors as ringleaders of the plot.

They were convicted of kidnapping conspiracy and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. Croft also was convicted of possessing an unregistered destructive device, a 10-year felony. -Detroit News

The defendants were arrested in early October 2020 as part of a broader plot that involved over a dozen men. 

As Jonathan Turley wrote in April following the mistrial;

The problem is that the case — and the narrative — quickly fell apart after the election. A Michigan jury recently acquitted Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta and hanged on the verdicts against Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. Fox is portrayed as a ringleader of the group and leader of the conspiracy.

While Fox and Croft can be retried, the acquittal raises an additional challenge. Harris and Caserta may feel fewer inhibitions in testifying. With the exception of perjury, they can safely take the stand to discuss their actions — and more importantly, the actions of the government.

The Michigan case stands as one of the most chilling examples of entrapment techniques used by the FBI. While Whitmer declared Trump “complicit” in her planned execution, the FBI increasingly appeared more “complicit” in the creation of a government-inspired, government-funded, and largely government-staffed plot.

The problem was that these guys seemed at points more interested in partying than conspiring. The FBI, therefore, decided to take control and get them serious about some major crimes. An informant known as “Big Dan” was paid over $50,000 to get the conspiracy going, including paying for the defendants to travel to Wisconsin to “train.”

Special Agent Jayson Chambers pushed Big Dan to get the men to take violent acts against Whitmer. The defendants reportedly resisted those entreaties. Dan pushed the alleged leader to fire a round into the window of Whitmer’s home and mail the casing to the news media. On Sept. 5, 2020, Chambers texted to remind Dan “Mission is to kill the governor specifically.

The Whitmer conspiracy was a production written, funded, and largely populated by FBI agents and informants. At every point, FBI literally drove the conspirators and controlled their actions. In the end, a majority of the “conspirators” were actually FBI agents or informants.

As discussed earlier, various key FBI agents and informants were removed from the case due to their own legal problems.

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