Microsoft Finds Critical Hole In ChromeOS – Slashdot

joshuark writes: Microsoft has found a bug in ChromeOS and given it a high vulnerability 9.8 out of 10. The bug was promptly fixed and, about a month later, merged in ChromeOS code then released on June 15, 2022. This is a reversal in that Google usually finds security bugs in software from Microsoft and other vendors after typically 90 days — even if a patch had not been released — in the interest of forcing companies to respond to security flaws more quickly. […] The ChromeOS memory corruption vulnerability — CVE-2022-2587 — was particularly severe. As Jonathan Bar Or, a member of the Microsoft 365 Defender research team, explains in his post, the problem follows from the use of D-Bus, an Inter-Process-Communication (IPC) mechanism used in Linux. A D-Bus service called org.chromium.cras (for ChromiumOS Audio Server) provides a way to route audio to newly added peripherals like USB speakers and Bluetooth headsets. The service includes a function called SetPlayerIdentity, which accepts a string argument called identity as its input. And the function’s C code calls out to strcpy in the standard library. Yes, strcpy, which is a dangerous function.

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