Disney’s Streaming Services Now Have More Subscriptions Than Netflix – Slashdot

Netflix now has a million fewer subscriptions than rival Disney…” reports the Independent. “But it does not necessarily mean that Netflix has fewer subscribers. If a person is subscribed to two of Disney’s offerings, that will count as two subscriptions, and the company does not divulge how many individuals are signed up to its services.” (Digital Trends notes that “Following its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, Disney also controls Hulu,” as well as the streaming sports site ESPN+.)

If you just want a straight Netflix-to-Disney+ comparison, the Independent reports Netflix with 220.67 million total subscribers, while IndieWire reported that at the end of June, Disney+ had 152.1 million subscribers. (Disney’s chief executive says between March and June, Disney+ added 14.4 million subscribers, according to the Independent.)

IndieWire goes on to say that ESPN+ reported 22.8 million subcribers earlier this year, while Hulu had reported 46.2 million subscribers, so, “combined the subscriptions for the individual services making up the Disney Bundle just surpassed Netflix’s overall paid global subscriber count.”
Here, we’ll point out that Hulu is still the only one of the Bundle that makes money. However, its operating income declined in Q3, while losses at both Disney+ and ESPN+ increased.

Disney+ is expected to reach profitability in 2024, executives said Wednesday on Disney’s Q3 conference call.

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