Bitgert $BRISE Is Quickly Crashing Safemoon (SFM) Appeal – According To Crypto Experts


With its massive growth and developments, Bitgert is crashing many crypto coins along the way, including Safemoon.

It will be difficult for Safemoon (SFM) to ever catch up with Bitgert (BRISE), looking at the rate at which Bitgert has grown. The Bitgert success rate is what crypto experts term exponential, considering this is just a year old in the market.

Bitgert price is expected to increase 100X by the end of this year to hit $0.00001, while Safemoon might struggle to double its current value. Here is more about Bitgert and why it is crashing.

The Pillars of $BRISE Growth

The Bitgert project has so much to offer. From the massive developments, the Bitgert project is not only offering investors an opportunity for good returns but also crashing competitors like Safemoon. The Bitgert ecosystem is still one of the greatest dominating elements over Safemoon.

Bitgert is delivering the roadmap V2 when Safemoon is still stuck in roadmap V1. This is despite the fact that Safemoon is older than Bitgert. So many Safemoon holders are currently buying Bitgert because of the massive growth that Bitgert is posting.

However, the disruptiveness of the Bitgert roadmap V2 products is crashing competition like Safemoon. Bitgert CEX, Paybrise, and the NFT marketplaces are just a few of the disruptive Bitgert products coming up.

But the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still a big factor in why Bitgert is crashing Safemoon. The chain’s zero gas fee and transaction speed of up to 100K TPS have made the Bitgert network superior to Safemoon. Note that Safemoon still doesn’t have a blockchain.

Bitgert chain growing utility is growing BRISE adoption, which makes it a better investment than Safemoon. The 1000+ upcoming projects under the Startup Studio program are another development to watch.

Safemoon Developments

The recent incorporation of Grove Token’s ERC-20 on Safemoon Swap is one of the significant developments that may compete against Bitgert. The development is meant to beef up the Safemoon utility, hence enabling users to operate conveniently while accessing different products. The ERC-20 is also available on Safemoon Wallet, which is seen as an added convenience for Safemoon users.

The bottom line is that the Bitgert price will do better than Safemoon (SFM) in the coming months. The Safemoon project cannot match the performance that Bitgert. There is so much that the Safemoon team will need to work on attracting investors to $SFM.

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