Top 10 Rust Courses Programming Beginners Should take up in 2022


Here are the best courses to learn Rust Programming language in 2022

Rust is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that runs blazingly fast, emphasizing performance, type safety, and concurrency. Designed for safety and performance, Rust can be efficient, fast, and integrates easily with other languages. The significant advantage of Rust is the performance it offers, which makes it suitable for system programming. It aims to bring modern language design and an advanced type system to systems programming. Here are the best courses to learn Rust Programming language in 2022.

Rust Programming Course for Beginners –freeCodeCamp

This course begins with an overview of the Rust programming language, beginning with its philosophy of guiding the programmer into naturally writing reliable, efficient code through stringent error-checking and helpful error messages.

Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide – Zero to Mastery

This course is focused on learning by doing, not watching endless tutorials with nothing to show for it. You are going to learn Rust by actually coding along and building your own Rust projects.

Learn Rust by Building Real Applications-Udemy

This practical Rust programming course will teach you the fundamentals of Rust. The format is a bit different than most other courses. The key things of the Rust course are the fundamentals of the rust programming language, low-level memory management, and how to troubleshoot common compiler errors.

Rust Fundamentals-Pluralsight

This course introduces Rust: a native code programming language with a focus on safety and correctness. You will be introduced to Rust, a native code programming language. First, you’ll see all the syntax and the specifics of the language. By the end of this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of Rust and its specific approach to the ideas of memory safety and explicit implementations of mutability, lifetime, and the concepts of sharing data.

Ultimate Rust Crash Course-Udemy

This course will provide you with the fundamentals you need to boost you up to Rust’s steep learning curve.  This is a hands-on course with targeted exercises for each subject and project for you to use your combined knowledge.

Learn Rust from Scratch-Educative

This is a free, interactive, text-based course to learn Rust Programming in 2022 by Educative. This free course aims to teach Rust using a practical approach. Finally, it dives deeper into more advanced concepts like Lifetime and memory management, which is Rust’s strength.

Learn Rust by Building Real Applications-Udemy

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Rust. The format will be a bit different than most other courses, unlike jumping between unrelated concepts in every video and show.

The Ultimate Guide to Rust Programming-Educative

This course will be your guide to the fundamentals of programming and Rust. Whether you have no experience or want to learn a new language and you will start with the basics of the Rust programming language, learning the syntax, the philosophy of the language, and the anatomy of Rust.

The Rust Programming Language-Udemy

This online course provides an excellent overview of Rust and some coding experience you need. You’ll learn about fundamental data types in Rust and how to use them in your program and data structures in Rust like arrays, vectors, and strings, and the concept of slices.

Rustlings-Official Rust Course

This course will help beginners get the hang of the Rust language. You will cover the basics starting with variables like strings, enums, traits, and generics.

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