This is What Makes Bitgert Attract More Attention than Avalanche In 2022


Key Insights:

  • Bitgert blockchain growing adoption
  • BRISE ecosystem’s skyrocketing growth
  • Bitgert fast-growing utility
  • A bullish Brise coin outlook

The Bitgert (BRISE) coin has been doing well in the market, and its adoption is projected to keep rising for the remaining parts of this year. Bitgert has been doing better than most of the coins in the market, with the coin posting bigger in 2022 than most of the established coins in the market, like Avalanche.

In fact, Bitgert is getting a lot of attention from the Avalanche holders. This can be seen from the number of Avalanche community members joining Brise coin. In fact, more Avalanche holders have been buying Bitgert in the past few months. Here are some of the reasons why the Avalanche community is attracted to Bitgert:

Bitgert Gasless Blockchain

The Avalanche community loves the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. This is the only gasless blockchain, and the Avalanche holders understand the potential it holds. In fact, BRC20 Blockchain is the biggest reason why BRISE hit a new ATH in 2022. With the speed and gas fee better than the Avalanche mainnet and being an EVM chain, Bitgert has the potential to outperform Avalanche performance. That’s why Bitgert attracts more Avalanche holders.

Bitgert Ecosystem Fast Growth

The Avalanche community also loves Bitgert’s ecosystem growth. The fast growth is one of the reasons why the Bitgert coin has been doing well in the market. The Avalanche community understands the potential that the fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem has in skyrocketing the BRISE price. With the huge number of projects and products joining the Brise ecosystem, more Avalanche holders will be buying BRISE coins. Avalanche also loves the Centcex team involvement in the growing of the Brise ecosystem.

Bitgert Utility Fast Growth

The other thing attracting Avalanche investors to Bitgert is the fast-growing utility. Many bridges are launching on the Bitgert blockchain, which is growing Brise chain utility fast. This is what’s attracting Avalanche holders. The Bitgert team is currently testing its top 5 altcoin bridge. The USDT/USDC bridge is already enjoying massive adoption. These bridges are attracting Avalanche holders.

Bitgert Bullish Outlook

The Avalanche community also loves the Bitgert bullish outlook. The promising Bitgert coin is attracting a lot of Avalanche holders, who are now accumulating BRISE. The Bitgert outlook still looks bullish for this month, and this means more Avalanche holders are buying BRISE.

These are major reasons why Bitgert has been attracting the Avalanche community in 2022. With the massive developments, Bitgert is projected to remain among the most attractive coins to the Avalanche community.

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