How to Create Domain-Specific AI Models Effectively?

Artificial intelligence

Domain-specific AI models are easy to create with the right experience and knowledge of AI and data

Domain-specific AI models are in high demand in the global tech market to work efficiently and effectively. There are some key steps to creating perfect domain-specific AI models with data assets and active learning. Tech companies focus on large-scale artificial intelligence implementations to solve multiple B2B problems and drive high return on investment while delivering decision-centric outcomes based on data assets. Domain-specific AI models help to adapt the artificial intelligence implementation cycles with more relevance and efficiency. The global tech market consists of multiple steps for efficient domain-specific AI models. It is expected that artificial intelligence can reach its potential space by being domain-specific AI models in 2022 and beyond.

A brief guide to key steps to creating domain-specific AI models

  • Open mindset to data assets

Organizations must have an open mindset to explore some of the key domain-specific data assets to create domain-specific AI models. The group of data scientists should seek suitable data assets as per the business goals and objectives to boost productivity and yield more profit. A business can look out for multiple different strategies and methodologies to improve the quality of data assets efficiently and effectively.

  • Transfer learning

Businesses must leverage transfer learning through the basic knowledge from the source domain to have a deeper understanding of new knowledge for the domain-specific AI models. A pre-trained network can act as a feature extractor while using only lower-level features of the neural network if there are different domains.

  • Active learning

Active learning in creating domain-specific AI models is important as a type of semi-supervised learning. Businesses can require a small amount of labeled data for reducing manual annotation cost-efficiently. One needs to divide the data assets into seed and unlabeled data with artificial intelligence.

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