Watch: Gun Hobbyist Makes “100% Working 3D-Printed Gun” That Fires Plastic Ammo

War journalist Jake Hanrahan, the founder of independent media platform “Popular Front,” tweeted a video that shows a gun hobbyist firing plastic ammunition from a “100% 3D-printed gun.” 

Hanrahan said gun hobbyist @SuckBoyTony1, who designs and builds 3D-printed firearms that are electronically ignited, created a “working 100% 3D-printed gun.” He continued: “The barrel and even the ammunition is plastic.”

Some of our questions about the homemade firearm’s plastic barrel and ammunition were answered by one Twitter commenter:

“The barrel actually is rifled…and so is the round. He based it off the whitworth rifle. IIRC the bullet is a metal projectile but the whole cartridge leaves the barrel effectively making it caseless ammunition.” 

SuckBoyTony1 responded to another commenter by saying the plastic caseless ammunition was packed with black powder and electronically ignited. 

Plastic-cased ammunition is a technology the Army is working on to reduce firing and weight for next-generation squad weapons

“Whilst this obviously isn’t a practical weapon, the potential implications of the concept are fascinating,” Hanrahan concluded. 

As we’ve pointed out, printing guns at home costs as much as $350 but involves metal pieces for the barrel that must be bought. Plus, ammunition must be purchased. Now it appears a gun hobbyist has entirely printed a gun (barrel included) and ammunition, all at home, which renders gun control useless. 

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