Top 5 NFTs This August 2022 (Number 69 will surprise you)

Summer has been extremely volatile in the crypto market as a whole, but during this time NFTs have been on fire and doing extremely well. The trend has shifted from “bored this,” “ape that,” “yacht other,” and so on, to “goblin burger”, “the fire of her”, and “is it a free mint?”. With the free mint meta taking over crypto Twitter, there have still been projects utilizing paid mints to fundraise ambitious ideas.

However, finding quality projects can be tough, and in this article we will outline projects we find most appealing this August. As a reminder, this article is merely an opinionated review of these projects and not an endorsement or advice on how to invest. 

Starting at number one is Isekai Meta, an anime studio backed by the power of NFTs. They describe themselves as “a story and community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection + metaverse brand that taps into the foundational human need to connect with others through story. Heavily influenced by pop culture, lo-fi aesthetics, and Japanese anime. The project and the community behind it intends to spark a new age of storytelling through web3 and NFTs.”

What makes this project interesting is their partnership with Studio 9 Lives, who have worked on projects including Haikyuu, Fire Force, Netflix’s Castlevania, & Pokemon: Sun & Moon to name a few. Isekai Meta has shown they are delivering on their promise BEFORE and AFTER mint which makes them a project worth watching and possibly buying on secondary. Isekai Meta sold out their 7777 collection for the average price of 0.25 ETH and is currently sitting at around 0.4 ETH floor price on OpenSea at the time of this article’s publication. 

#2 operationSIN

At number two we have operationSIN, a mysterious project from NFTLLama, and the Llamaverse team. Knowing the team behind this project, it is something that will have a future if the team continues supporting the project. In a very unorthodox way, they’ve engaged the NFT community to become the voice of the project. Their most dedicated Sinners share most details about the project throughout Twitter. The operationSIN’s Discord is a recruiting station for project ambassadors to join the team through promoting the project throughout social media.

This innovative marketing strategy has led to hundreds of real community members flooding Twitter with organic and grassroots content. The exact details of operationSIN’s next steps are unknown but this is one of the hottest and most promising NFT projects on the radar right now.

#3 Degenverse 

Third on the list, we have Degenverse, backed by BCGame: the leading Bitcoin casino, which provides DeFi gambling access to holders through an entire portfolio of casinos. This one is extremely unique, as collectors can win a Degen Pass by playing in the BCGame ecosystem. Having utility and a proven path to profit is something many NFTs are missing, but this gap in most projects is something Degenverse provides. Degenverse and the DegenPass provide real utility through their casino network, iGaming rewards, mystery airdrops, and DeFi betting app that’s under development. 

Degenverse has been growing organically throughout social media offering WL bounties and raffles hosted by some of the largest NFT collections in the world, including Slotie NFT. Collaborations like these generate confidence in the project and we’re confident that with the power and backing of BCGame, Degenverse will do well these next months.

#4 SaphireNFT

On number four, we had to include at least one free mint, SaphireNFT, 777 Genesis collection of ethereal whisps who’ve managed to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the NFT space including ryandcrypto. The project has come up from seeming obscurity, but claims to be backed by “marketing experts in the NFT space”. Their claims have been put into practice as they’ve received WL giveaways from very large and established pages on Twitter. They state their project as an exclusive alpha and analysts group where all holders of the Genesis Collection receive a WL for the second collection. 

SaphireNFT’s main proposition is their “alpha calls” and “analysis”, in addition to their great art. They encourage community members to share their top alpha calls and analysis on projects, and those who provide the top calls can get WL. This is an interesting method to reward your most engaged community members. 80% of their profits will be invested into developing more benefits for the community. Being a free mint, there’s not much to lose with SaphireNFT and if you’re a lucky one to get on the Genesis WL we consider this a project worth investigating.

#69 Guilty Bunnies

Last on our top NFTs list this August is Guilty Bunnies, which could be considered the 69th NFT on the list. What makes Guilty Bunnies stand out is their connection to the real world and how they are radically changing what an NFT collection can be. Their art resembles bombshells and supermodels as they claim that Guilty Bunnies is the place “where your wildest dreams come true”. Guilty Bunnies are bringing a new kind of entertainment to web3 that goes beyond the traditional project. Performance theater and the power of branding is what brought this project to our attention. The Guilty Bunnies’ Twitter space featured a reporter Jackson Stuart from channel 69 news and teased the highly anticipated Guilty Bunny Adventures where their upcoming utilities will be revealed.

Their NFTs are CC0 which means that holders will have full commercial rights over their NFT providing another reason to go down the rabbit hole of this project. The quality of the art and merchandise along with the extremely creative public relations has made Guilty Bunnies a project to watch this month.

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