Top 10 Full Stack Machine Learning Courses to Take Up in 2022

Full stack machine learning courses

Machine learning courses are providing a deep understanding of all key concepts to candidates

The popularity of Machine Learning professionals all around the world has increased the demand for machine learning as a career option among newcomers. Also, machine learning courses are in huge demand among the courses for AI professionals. Students can access multiple online machine learning courses on multiple educational platforms having collaborations with reputed educational institutes. Courses on machine learning are providing a sufficient and deep understanding of all key concepts and hands-on experience with real-life projects to candidates. Here are the top 10 full-stack machine learning courses to take up in 2022.

Machine Learning from Stanford at Coursera

It is one of the courses on machine learning from Coursera offering a broad introduction to machine learning data mining and statistical pattern, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, best practices in machine learning, and so on. There are multiple case studies and applications with machine learning algorithms.

Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning and Deep Learning at upGrad

The machine learning course offers an advanced certificate from IIIT Bangalore with industry readiness assessments and more than 240 hours of learning with personalized industry sessions. The online machine learning course covers pre-program preparatory content, statistics, EDA, machine learning, and deep learning.

Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any quantitative field with a minimum of 50% in graduation.

Machine Learning with Python from IBM at Coursera

The online Machine Learning course is well-known for covering the basics of machine learning with the trending programming language known as Python. Students can learn about examples of machine learning in multiple industries, use cases, Python libraries for machine learning, and so on. The course includes an introduction to machine learning, regression, classification, clustering, recommender system, and final projects.

Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-on Python & R In Data Science at Udemy

The course on machine learning teaches to build and evaluate predictive models with an introduction to clustering in R from a machine learning point of view. Students can learn and build a decision tree and classify unseen observations with k-Nearest Neighbours. The online course on machine learning covers 151 lectures on the basics of the R tool, basic data visualization, leaflet maps, statistics, first machine learning, and many more.

Machine Learning with Python: Foundations at LinkedIn

The course on machine learning includes one project file, and five-chapter quizzes, and introduces machine learning in an approachable way with step-by-step guidance with Python.

Machine Learning Fundamentals from UCSandDiegoX at edX

The machine learning fundamentals help to understand machine learning’s role in data-driven modeling, predictions, and many more. The course covers a variety of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and real-world use cases. Assignments are in Python with Jupyter notebooks. Students will learn about classifications, regression, discriminative models, linear models, representation learning, and so on.

Machine Learning Certification Course at Simplilearn

The online Machine Learning course offers an in-depth introduction to machine learning with real-time data and machine learning algorithms. It covers supervised learning, unsupervised learning, regression, classification, and many more with over 25 exercises. There are four industry projects with reputed companies and integrated labs. Three types of courses are available— self-paced learning, online bootcamp, and corporate training.

Candidates should be at an intermediate level such as analytics managers, business analytics, developers, and so on with a basic understanding of statistics, mathematics, and Python.

Machine Learning with JavaScript at udemy

The course on machine learning with JavaScript covers machine learning algorithms with low-level features of Tensorflow JS. Students can optimize machine learning algorithms with advanced performance and memory usage profiling. The online course covers machine learning, Tensorflow JS, algorithm overview, gradient descent, vectorized solutions, and many more in 187 lectures.

Machine Learning Crash Course at Google Developers

Google Developers offers an online machine learning crash course with TensorFlow APIs with a fast-paced and practical introduction. There are more than 30 hands-on exercises with 25 lessons and lectures from Google researchers. Candidates can apply fundamental machine learning concepts to gain real-life experience through a full library of training resources.

Advanced Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at IIT Kanpur

This online Machine Learning course from IIT Kanpur provides live online classes and is self-paced with faculty support full of assignments and projects. Students will receive a certificate from E&ICT Academy from IIT Kanpur after hands-on training with 70% practical content and ten industry projects. The course curriculum covers machine learning in Python, deep learning in Tensorflow and Keras, and data analysis in SQL.

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