Shiba Inu Prices This August Shows Bitgert is Still Doing Better- Reasons


Key Points

  • Bitgert price to increase 10x this August
  • Bitgert ecosystem has new products set to launch this August
  • The decentralized marketplaces to grow Bitgert even higher than Shiba Inu
  • 1000+ Startup Studio projects will skyrocket Bitgert adoption

Having been among the leading altcoins in the past months, Bitgert is set to make yet considered a better option to Shiba Inu this August. Bitgert has posted an excellent performance, considering the short time it has been in existence. The Bitgert price stood at $0.0000004033 at the time of this writing and is expected to skyrocket by 10x by the end of August.

Analysts believe that the next big achievement will be hitting the $0.000001 mark for Bitgert this month. Shiba Inu is projected to grow from the current price of $0.00001205 to $0.00002, which is only 2x if the market remains bullish. From all signs, Bitgert (BRISE) outperforms Shiba Inu, which may be the trend for the coming months. Why? Here are the reasons:

Bitgert Fast-Growing Ecosystem

Bitgert ecosystem is by far one of the fastest growing crypto ecosystems in the crypto industry. A lot of products have been introduced following the completion of roadmap V1 delivery and the introduction of Bitgert roadmap V2.

It is expected that more new products will find their way into the ecosystem, including the upcoming top 5 altcoin Bridge Mainnet that will be live from 6th August. On the other hand, Shiba Inu is sluggish in completing roadmap V1, let alone rolling out roadmap V2. That is why Shiba Inu is behind Bitgert by far.

Bitgert Decentralized Marketplace

Bitgert made yet another cardinal development after announcing the new Decentralized marketplace. This has been a major challenge for Shiba Inu now that Bitgert is set to command an even higher demand among users.

Decentralized marketplaces enable Bitgert users to buy a range of products such as motorcycles, electronics, and real estate. This is something that Shiba Inu is far from achieving.

Bitgert 1000+ Projects on Start-Up Studio

Part of Bitgert growth is associated with the upcoming 1000+ projects under the Startup Studio program. In fact, the domination over Shiba Inu by Bitgert is a result of the projected products and projects such as those in the startup studio program. The demand and price for Bitgert will skyrocket high above Shiba Inu upon the launch of the 1000+ projects.

Centcex Bitgert collaboration is equally one of the things that keep enhancing the performance of Bitgert (BRISE) over Shiba Inu. The Centcex – Bitgert collaboration has led to the introduction of assorted products, some of which Shiba Inu holders may never experience.

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