Buying Bitgert Today Might Recover Avalanche Losses This August – Reasons

Avalanche and Bitgert

Key points:

  • Bitgert price has the potential to explode 10x this August, which is bigger than Avalanche
  • Bitgert ecosystem growth will be exploding this month compared to Avalanche
  • Bitgert is building huge utility compared to the likes of Avalanche
  • Bitgert will be the most adopted coin over Avalanche because of the zero gas fee BRC20 chain

Crypto community members from the likes of Avalanche have been selling because of the massive decline in the coin value in 2022. But Bitgert (BRISE) has remained one of the best performing coins as far as price growth is concerned. Bitgert coin is also projected to do well this August, and this is why more Avalanche holders are buying Bitgert.

Crypto experts believe that Bitgert might help Avalanche holders recover most of the losses they have incurred on the Avalanche project. This is because Bitgert price has the potential to explode 10x this month. This is a bigger price growth than Avalanche. In fact, the best Avalanche price might do this month is a 100% growth.

Therefore, Avalanche holders buying Bitgert $BRISE today might increase their investments 10x by the end of the month. This means Avalanche might be able to recover its losses this month. This is highly possible looking at the pace at which Bitgert has been growing and the upcoming developments.

The Bitgert massive growth over Avalanche is being driven by the disruptive products the team is building. Important to note is the fast-growing Brise ecosystem. The Bitgert ecosystem growth will explode bigger than Avalanche because of the huge number of products and projects the team is developing. The Bitgert roadmap V2 products are coming up. But the tens of Bitgert Startup Studio projects will make the biggest impact over Avalanche.

The Bitgert is doing better than Avalanche in terms of building utility. There is so much that the Bitgert team is doing to grow the chain utility, which is making Avalanche less attractive. With the coming of the USDT/USDC bridge and the top 5 altcoins coming on the chain, Bitgert has the potential to do better than Avalanche.

The Bitgert BRC20 chain’s fast-growing adoption, because of its zero gas fee and the most scalable chain, is also expected to enable Bitgert to do better than Avalanche. In addition to that, with the Centcex team adding more products to the Bitgert chain, BRISE has the potential to increase 10x this August.

So Avalanche community might recouple their Avalanche holding losses by buying Bitgert Today.

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