What do You Need to Know about Java Programming Language in 2022!


Java programming language is in high demand in global tech companies to drive customer engagement

Java is one of the top programming languages and the development platform for universal programmers and developers. It helps to reduce costs and shortens development time frames while driving innovation and enhancing application devices. It is focused on continuing the development platform for choices for enterprises as well as developers. This programming language is focused on managing business needs and being the best choice for security as well as cloud development needs.

The object-oriented programming language is known for supporting modernization and transformation efforts. It is also known as the high-level, robust, and secure programming language for programmers, developers, and data professionals. Java was launched by Sun Microsystems, currently the subsidiary of Oracle, in 1995, with James Gosling as the Father of Java. This programming language is also known as the platform because of the runtime environment as well as APIs.

Java can be used in multiple smart devices across the world such as desktop applications, web applications, enterprise applications, embedded systems, smart cards, games, and many more. There are four types of Java applications for developers and programmers including standalone applications, web applications, enterprise applications, and mobile applications. It is necessary to know that there are four platforms of Java such as Java Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Java Micro Edition (Java ME), and JavaFX.

Types of Java Jobs

There is a huge demand and supply for Java jobs across the world, especially in this data-centric era. There are different Java job profiles with different roles and responsibilities with lucrative per annum salary packages. Programmers, developers, and data science professionals are looking out for different types of Java jobs across the world to contribute to society with seamless applications for customers and potential customers. Most tech companies are focused on using Java to build products and services efficiently and effectively.

Thus, let’s look out for different varieties of Java jobs such as Java Angular Developer, where this job needs to review, design, and validate the architecture and ensure high levels of service offerings to clients. One needs to be a key contributor to building efficient programs to take it to the digital transformation journey; Java Junior Developer needs to create technical artifacts and respond to production issues while conducting any technical analysis. It is essential to be a key contributor to building efficient programs; Java Telecom Consultant must design and maintain efficient and reliable Java codes by setting expectations while identifying bugs, bottlenecks, and other issues. It is needed to have a clear understanding of architecture requirements and effective design and development for validation and support activities; Java Project Manager must lead the proposal preparation, review the project estimation, capture inputs, and so on while managing project risks and ensuring successful project delivery and implementation; Java Consultant needs to actively help the team with problem definition, effort estimation, diagnosis, solution generation, and many more. It also needs to create requirement specifications to support configuring solution requirements while identifying and shortlisting solution alternatives; last but not least, the Java PLSQL Support Analyst job role is the technical interface to customers with the OEMs and VARs for the problem resolution to the installation. It is needed to offer support to customers and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through research, collaborations, and problem replication.

Salary of Java Professionals

The average salary for Java professionals in India depends on the location. For example, Bengaluru tech companies offer around Rs.7.8 lakhs per annum, and Mumbai offers Rs. 6.7 lakhs per annum, Hyderabad offers Rs. 5.5 lakhs per annum, while Pune offers Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum. Meanwhile, the average salary for Java professionals in the USA also depends on the company’s location. Seattle offers US$117K per annum, New York offers US$125K per annum, while Washington pays US$105K per annum.

One has to keep in mind that the average salary of Java professionals also varies from company to company. It means the salary depends on the type of company, size of the company, the work requirements, job role, and many other factors. The salary of Java developers is significantly higher among multiple companies because of their skill sets and experiences.

Required Education

There is a minimum education qualification for being a Java professional in this global tech market. The minimum level of education is a Bachelor’s degree in any technical field such as Computer Science, Engineering, and so on. Some companies ask for a Master’s degree as well as a Ph.D. in a technical field with years of experience, to take the cream out of the pool.

Aspiring professionals can also complete some important training and certification courses to add value to their skills and experience as well as to their resumes. There are multiple educational platforms that offer certification courses to programmers within a short period of time to gain sufficient knowledge about the Java programming language. Oracle offers multiple certifications such as SCEA, SCMAD, SCJA, SCJP, SCJD, as well as SCWCD.


One needs to have sufficient experience in visualizing structured architecture with systems analysis and so on through Java language. Thus, Java professionals need a minimum of 2+ years of experience with strong business knowledge. The range of experience is 2-5 years in the field related to project development, and software development, as well as knowledge of business strategy to know how to drive profit in the company.


It is necessary for developers and programmers to have hard skills as well as soft skills to grab a job related to the Java programming language. Hard skills include knowing the basic fundamentals of object-oriented principles, relational database management, spring framework, APIs, common libraries, and many more. Soft skills include leadership qualities, communication, creativity, analytical, problem-solving, research, time management, and so on.

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