Another Blow To Safemoon As Coinmarketcap Integrates $USDT & $USDC On Bitgert Chain


Key Points:

  • Bitgert $USDT and $USDC addresses have been added by the CoinMarketCap
  • Bitgert is still developing faster than Safemoon in key products
  • Bitgert is increasingly getting bigger recognition than Safemoon

For the past eight months, Bitgert (BRISE) has been outperforming many crypto projects, one of which is Safemoon. The Safemoon project was overtaken by Bitgert in the delivery of the roadmap. Though Safemoon had launched months earlier before Bitgert, the team building the Bitgert project managed to deliver more products and projects.

By the start of this year, Safemoon was approaching a year since its launch when Bitgert was barely six months. But Bitgert managed to launch its own blockchain and deliver the roadmap V1 early in 2022. Till now, Safemoon is still an Ethereum project and does not have its own blockchain like Bitgert.

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is one of the products that left Safemoon and other coins miles behind. Crypto analysts say that Safemoon will take some time to catch up with Bitgert. This is because there are many developments happening at Bitgert that are keeping Bitgert way ahead of the likes of Safemoon. Among the latest moves that the Bitgert team has made is the launch of the Bitgert USDT/USDC bridge on the Bitgert chain.

This is a move that is concerning the Safemoon team because it is making Safemoon less competitive against Bitgert. The recognition of the Bitgert USDT/USDC bridge by Coinmarketcap means that Bitgert is now getting more attention than Safemoon. Therefore, in the end, Bitgert is likely to surge more than Safemoon as a result of the wide exposure from Coinmarketcap.

The move by Coinmarketcap has also increased the visibility of the Bitgert project because $USDT and $USDC are widely used stablecoins on the market today. Therefore, we are likely to see Bitgert do well than Safemoon in the next few weeks as the adoption of the Bitgert USDT/USDC bridge grows.

There is little that the Safemoon team can do about this Bitgert move. What the Safemoon team will need to do is to work on growing the Safemoon ecosystem. Building a Safemoon blockchain should top on the Safemoon roadmap.

The Safemoon team will also increase the pace of delivering its roadmap. These are things that might make Safemoon perform better. However, it will be almost impossible for Safemoon to surpass Bitgert.

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