Luna Classic and USTC correction – Top Altcoin Cryptocurrency Prices Today

Luna Classic

The Luna Classic pump in price has seen its first retest today – the crypto price of LUNC has dropped 8% today.

Luna Classic began a dramatic price rally on June 27th growing over 175% from a low of $0.000058 to a peak of $0.000160. The price of Luna Classic (LUNC) today is $0.0001221.

The current price of the former Luna token is the same price as one month ago. However, anyone who bought Luna Classic before the Terra Luna collapse still has a long way to go if the cryptocurrency is to recover former pieces of $80 and over.

USTC correction – TerraClassicUSD dropped 35% in price today

USTC is down 35% in price today.

The former algorithmic stablecoin surged over 900% in price over a seven-day period as it put in a local high of $0.09. USTC was trading at $0.008 just a week ago.

Today, the price of USTC is $0.05. Trading volume has dropped 20% to $300 million. While yesterday TerraClassicUSD rejoined the crypto top 50 by market cap list, today it is down to number 66.

Terra LUNA is also down 15%

The new Terra LUNA token is also down 15% today to a price of $2.15.

LUNA put in a local high of $2.8 yesterday as it gained huge volume following the surge in LUNC and USTC. Terra LUNA has been trading under $3 since June 10th – prior to this, it put in a high of $11.3 following the airdrop on June 29th.

0x up 6% today

The 0x token (ZRX) is one of the fastest-growing altcoins today with a 6% price increase in the past 24 hours.

ZRX is up 20% over the past week. The current price of 0x is $0.3402. 0x is a protocol that allows users to trade ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain without any centralised crypto exchanges in between.

EverGrow Coin pumps 3% today

EverGrow Coin pumped to $0.000000142 in the early hours of June 30th.

After falling to $0.00000012 on June 13th, EverGrow Coin quickly rebounded to over $0.00000018 before a retest in recent days. EverGrow Coin is a reflection token that pays out BUSD stablecoins to investors from a 14% transaction tax.

Thousands of investors have been buying up the EverGrow Coin token as it’s one of few altcoins that pay passive income even during a bear market.

According to calculators on the EverGrow Coin website, a $5,000 investment could make you $4,650 in a year with a daily trading volume of over $1 million. The EverGrow Coin dev team is dropping an NFT marketplace and content subscription platform – both on the BNB Chain – to boost daily trading volume in the coming weeks.

Cosmos up 3.5%

Cosmos is growing faster than many of its altcoin rivals today – over 3.5% in the past 24 hours.

Cosmos is down 4% in the past week nevertheless. The Cosmos price is $7.4 and the ATOM token is ranked number 26 in the crypto market cap rankings. Cosmos aims to interconnect different protocols to create an Internet of blockchains.

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