Bitgert Adding USDT/USDC on Its Chain Pushes Safemoon Further Behind


Key points:

  • Safemoon is still delivering roadmap V1
  • Bitgert stables coins add utility to the chain
  • More Bitgert developments are coming up

Bitgert (BRISE) has just launched the USDT/USDC bridge on its chain. This is one of the biggest developments this month and has already gotten the crypto industry’s attention. Introducing stable coins on the Bitgert blockchain makes the project more competitive against the likes of Safemoon.

For the past few months, Bitgert has left Safemoon behind in terms of project delivery. The Safemoon project is yet to deliver a blockchain. Now that Bitgert USDT and USDC bridge is live, it means Safemoon has been left miles behind.

USDT and USDC tokens on the Bitgert blockchain are unique from any other blockchain. The Bitgert chain zero gas fee is a major thing that makes the USDT and USDC stable coins on the Bitgert chain quite attractive. Transacting these stable coins on the Bitgert chain costs a mere $0.00000001, the lowest gas cost in the crypto industry today. It does not matter the volume of USDT because Bitgert gas cost remains the same.

In addition to that, the Bitgert blockchain has the fastest speed in the market today. In fact, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has a throughput of 100k TPS. This means Bitgert blockchain users trading USDT and USDC will enjoy the fastest transaction speed in the industry. Therefore, we will see more crypto investors buying Bitgert, including Safemoon investors.

With the USDT and USDC launched on the Bitgert chain, the Safemoon competition has become even stiffer. The Safemoon has much to do to reach where the Bitgert project is today. According to crypto experts, Safemoon might never come near the Bitgert project. Safemoon will always remain miles behind Bitgert.

Safemoon is currently struggling to deliver its first roadmap. There are just a few Safemoon products launched so far. The speed at which the Safemoon project is developing is also a major concern for Safemoon investors. In fact, Safemoon has been castigated by investors for its slow delivery of the roadmap. So Safemoon will need to do more to be where Bitgert is.

Apart from the USDT and USDC tokens, Bitgert has many developments coming up, including products in roadmap V2 and a massive number of Bitgert backed projects. So the Bitgert project has so much to offer than Safemoon today.

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