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Dubai, June 23 — MetaOneVerse, a hyper-deflationary token with Metaverse & blockchain in development as announced a major giveaway contest.

Check out their contest:

1000$ Mega prize and whale club entry

MetaOneVerse who has always been a most prolific rewarding token has now come up with a mega contest where top performers will win 1000$ & exclusive entry into the whale club. The competition will also have another 4 more winners with 400$, 300$, 200$ & 100$ rewards.

Terms & Conditions:

Your reference has to buy worth 50$ or more tokens, once they buy tokens you have to fill the form with the details to win any of 5 cash prizes & chance to whale club entry for a top performer. 

*First prize is 1000$ & chance to earn a spot in whale’s club, need to have a minimum of 250 genuine entries.

*Minimum 200 entries are required per user to qualify for the remaining 4 prizes.

*The more you refer, the more you get a chance to win.

*Total of 5 cash prizes & 1spot in whale club to be won.

* Transactions need to be within competition dates.

MetaOneVerse is swiftly releasing their products and is very well received by their user base, within 2 months they have launched a reward dashboard to track rewards in real-time, a multi-chain wallet, and are now about to release a staking platform.

It has been noticed that many whales from the crypto world have already made their position in the token, they are keeping their positions strong despite the blood bath we have seen in cryptos lately. MetaOneVerse has a strong development & marketing team and this has become a point of interest for whales, comparing it with the next Decentraland.

MetaOneVerse is a metaverse token, as we have spoken to the team, they also revealed working on the NFT marketplace too. Their NFT marketplace UI will be shared soon. MetaOneVerse is already in discussion with industry leader NFT creators and with the launch of their NFT marketplace, they are eyeing a hundred-million-dollar club.

Last month MetaOneVerse has been on phenomenal growth grossing a 4000% gain, and currently sitting and holding a multi-million-dollar market cap. As per projection, they will do between 10,000- 20,000% gain from here in a couple of months.  

About MetaOneVerse

MetaOneVerse is a hyper-deflationary Token and full-stack ecosystem with modules as Metaverse Development, Staking, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain & web3 apps. This project provides a rewarding token to benefit holders with 6% BUSD dividends for holding their token with amazing staking APY to be launched soon. They also have advanced Cex coming with many features where investors can earn any BSC-pegged tokens by staking their M1Verse tokens.

MetaOneVerse is in a very early stage and at a low MC which is around 1.3 million only, eyeing an industry that could be trillions of dollars in coming years, similar projects: Decentraland or Sandbox are at billions of dollars Market cap now.

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