Get Some $BRISE Today And Join Thousands Of Solana Holders Buying Bitgert

Key Points:

  • Solana surges today, but the market is still unstable
  • Bitgert remains bullish this morning
  • BRISE continues to get more Solana holders
  • Bitgert introduces USDT and USDC tokens

The crypto market is expanding fast, with millions of crypto enthusiasts joining every year. As the number of crypto investors grows, the number of developers providing blockchain-based solutions is increasing. Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the third-generation crypto projects that are getting a lot of attention.

Bitgert hype has been growing fast, and one thing that has stood out about this project is the massive developments and fast delivery. The Bitgert project is just 9 months old but has delivered so much during this short period. The Bitgert coin’s price has been rising faster than many of its peers. That’s why thousands of Solana investors have been buying Bitgert in the past few days.

In fact, the number of Solana holders buying Bitgert in the past few days has been on the rise. The bear market has pushed even more Solana holders to Bitgert. This is because Solana plummeted by a massive percentage when Bitgert remained stable. Even during the market breathers like today, Bitgert is increasing by a bigger percentage than Solana.

So, Solana’s poor performance when Bitgert has been doing well is why many Solana holders have joined Bitgert during the bear market. But there is more that the Bitgert project is offering that is attracting Solana investors. The game-changing developments that the Bitgert team has for the next few months are attracting many crypto enthusiasts, not just Solana holders.

Bitgert will have the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem in 2022, faster than Solana. This is evident from the huge number of products and projects the Bitgert team is working on. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is faster that Solana. Bitgert blockchain had an impressive 100k TPS, when Solana is 65k TPS. Bitgert chain gas fee is also lower than Solana blockchain. These are two major factors growing the number of Solana investors buying $BRISE.

Bitgert project has most of the products coming from the Bitgert roadmap V2. The 1000+ Startup Studio projects coming on the Bitgert chain will increase BRISE adoption. Bitgert is also about to add USDT and USDC tokens to the Brise chain.

These are the reason crypto investors should buy Bitgert today and join thousands of Solana holders. Bitgert holders stand a chance to end the year super-rich.

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