Cardano To Surpass $0.5, But $ADA Holders Will Continue To Buy $BRISE


Key Points:

  • Cardano pulled back today but could still go bullish
  • Cardano holders continue to buy Bitgert
  • Bitgert is gearing for a bullish explosion soon

The crypto market enjoyed a 3 days breather after a long bear run that lasted almost two weeks. The June bear run left many cryptocurrencies at their lowest price in almost 12 months. Cardano is among the crypto coins that have been hard hit by the bearish market, where the price was pushed down to $0.42.

This Cardano price was last seen in early Feb 2021. The Cardano coin would then rise to hit $0.5 yesterday but has since pulled back to $0.47 at the time of this writing. Crypto experts say that the Cardano price might surpass $0.5 if the bulls take over the market in the next few days.

But if bears run the market once, the Cardano price might continue to tumble. This is one of the biggest worries that Cardano holders have, which is why they are looking for mooning coins. Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the mooning crypto coins many Cardano holders are buying today.

Bitgert coin has been doing very well in the market today. One thing that stands out about the Bitgert coin is the possibility of exploding the price this year. In fact, crypto analysts have put Bitgert among the coins likely to post a bullish explosion in 2022. This is because of the massive developments that the Bitgert team has laid for this year.

This explains why Cardano holders are over the Bitgert project. Bitgert is a crypto project that has the potential to make Cardano holders buying Bitgert today good profits by EOY. In fact, Cardano holders stand to make good profits from Bitgert than they might make on the Cardano project.

The Bitgert coin has more massive developments coming up this year than Cardano. The Bitgert roadmap V2 has many Bitgert products coming soon. There will also be hundreds of Bitgert projects coming from the Bitgert Startup Studio. These are developments that are likely to make Bitgert the next big thing, bigger than Cardano.

In addition to that, Cardano holders are also attracted by the Bitgert’s ability to withstand bear markets. Bitgert has maintained a stable price during the bear markets and massive gains during bull runs. So Cardano holders stand to gain much from buying Bitgert. That’s why Cardano holders are accumulating Bitgert today.

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