‘Black Swan’ Author Likens Bitcoin Backers To ‘Covidopaths’ – Benzinga

“Black Swan” author  Nassim Nicholas Taleb compared Bitcoin BTC/USD maximalists to COVID-19 conspiracy theorists and followers of former President Donald Trump.

What Happened: Taleb tweeted Tuesday, “With bitcoiners, Covidopaths, Trumpobarbarians, politicians, etc., conclusions are invariant to information, but reasoning & methods change.”

The risk analyst said that in science, scholarship and trading, conclusions vary with information, but methods remain constant, which is in contrast to the methods adopted by Bitcoiners as their conclusions remain steadfast despite changing information, while their methods and reasoning are dynamic.

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Why It Matters: In 2020, Taleb labeled almost all Bitcoiners as “total idiots” even while saying the apex coin was a good idea.

Recently, the mathematical statistician suggested people who purchased cryptocurrencies on the explicit recommendations of influencers keep screenshots. 

He said high legal costs in the United States mean that people “end up settling just to be able to move on.”

Price Action: At press time, over 24 hours, Bitcoin traded 1.5% lower at $20,409.79, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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