Top 10 Data Science Software Businesses Should Use in 2022

Data science software

Data is huge and complex at the same time. The requirement for software that makes the best use of the data available always persists. This is exactly where data science software comes into play. As organizations rely heavily on data, choosing the right software for the same is critical. We have come up with a list of the top 10 data science software businesses should use in 2022. Have a look!


Keras, a programming interface, enables data scientists to easily access and use a machine learning platform. An interesting feature to note is that it is an open-source deep-learning API and framework that is written in Python.

How about a platform that brings all data sources together? Well, this is exactly what has in store for you. It is data integration, ETL, and an ELT platform that can bring all your data sources together. This is just the right software you need to build data pipelines.


Tensorflow is that one data science software that lays emphasis on deep learning. This software is launched by Google and is written in C++ and Python. What’s so special about Tensorflow? Well, its capabilities include ML model building either on-premise, on the cloud, in-browser, or on-model.


Ever since it was launched in 2015 by MIT data science researchers, Alteryx has evolved to become a proprietary software platform. What has made businesses rely on it is the fact that its most popular open-source tool, “featuretools,” allows the creation of automated feature engineering.

Data Robot

If you are looking for a platform that aims at automated machine learning, then Data Robot is all that you need. In addition to providing an easy deployment process, it allows parallel processing and model optimization. It is because of this reason that this data science software is used by data scientists, executives, software engineers, and IT professionals.

Trifacta Wrangler

This excellent data science software will help you in exploring, transforming, cleaning, and joining the desktop files together. How amazing is that?


This remarkable software enables data scientists to blend tools and data types. It is an open-source platform that allows users to use the tools of their choice. Not just that – they can expand them with additional capabilities. KNIME stands for the ability to work with many data sources and different types of platforms.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an open-source data processing and analytics engine that is all you need when the objective involves handling large amounts of data. Additionally, the ability of this data science software to rapidly process data has led to significant growth in the use of the platform.


Almost all the businesses rely on Python as it comes with a large standard library. This high-level programming language has the features of object-oriented, functional, procedural, dynamic type, and automatic memory management. The fact that Python is extensible makes it way more accepted.


RapidMiner is yet another open-source data science tool that has gained wide recognition in time. Its self-explanatory drag-and-drop application is one among the many remarkable features that make RapidMiner a part of the top 10 data science software businesses should use in 2022.

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