Exclusive Interview with Amit Gandhi, Founder, NovelVox


 leader in Contact Centre Software solutions, NovelVox is treading fast in digital communication by redefining the way integration of multiple enterprise communication tools is applied in CRM and other client-centric domains. Its latest product, CXInfinity developed as an omnichannel conversational AI platform is the case in point. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Amit Gandhi, founder, NovelVox.


1. With what mission and objectives were the company set up? In short, tell us about your journey since the inception of the company?

NovelVox is essentially an outcome of my over two-decade-long experience in the software application development space, especially in the domain of Contact Center Software Applications and Integrations. The company has,  since its inception,  been working to address the most critical contact center integration difficulties. We offer tools to integrate an industry’s core applications – a solution optimized for any specific industry segment. We developed the first Agent Desktop Designer Studio with a drag-and-drop designer in a low code model. Our solutions do not entail agents to work on one contact center platform, access client information through CRM, accept requests in a different ticketing tool, and use other technologies, as they get a comprehensive tool at their disposal right on their screen.

Years later, NovelVox came up with CXInfinity, an Omni-channel messaging and conversational AI platform suited for all major industries. It comes with core integration and pre-built use cases to ensure optimum performance.


2. What is your biggest USP of the company?

The biggest USP, as mentioned earlier, is that NovelVox has effectively redefined how contact centers operated traditionally. As mentioned earlier, agents needed to work on a single contact center platform, access client information through CRM, accept requests in a different ticketing tool, or use other technologies, which no longer is the need of the hour. For instance, with NovelVox Designer Studio, the agents get access to all information at the click of a mouse. A unified view of the caller’s history and information allows the agent to think rapidly and offer a unique solution that hasn’t been offered before. While the work is streamlined and organized, the assimilated solution drives business performance improvement. CXInfinity,  on the other hand, ensures better ROI and seamless customer services, which results in building a loyal long-term customer base. We offer out-of-the-box integration solutions that enable unified communications for contact centers. We have made possible integration with more than 75 business applications, including core systems, with open APIs and a seasonal team of developers.


3. How do you plan to revolutionize the Indian/US market and tap the market?

If we look at the Indian and US markets scenario, we would hardly discover any difference, for both markets have similar needs. Hence, we stick to our motto of the quicker resolution, thereby intermittently introducing newer products that serve the purpose in small and big ways. It is no short of a revolution that NovelVox is currently offering the biggest integration library, enabling ready integration with more than 75 business applications, including core system integration for banking, healthcare, and credit unions, among others. We’ve enabled integrations with the industry’s major third-party applications to unify caller information while streamlining industry solutions by delivering industry-specific templates and customizations for faster responses and improved customer experience.


4. How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

As the contact center market is expanding rapidly, we endeavor to continually add new products corresponding to fresh concerns and demands. With data analytics becoming increasingly popular today popular in today, every firm would like to rely on it. To obtain insight into their company’s weaknesses and strengths. This massive amount of data will necessitate cloud storage as well as computing, which is exactly what we too are working on right now. Regarding the future, chatbots and voice bots are slated to capitalize on the trend.


5. How are disruptive technologies like AI/Machine Learning/Cloud Computing impacting today’s innovation?

The havoc wreaked by Covid made us all realize how much we rely on healthcare and how important it is to have a system in place that is readily accessible when needed.

As a result, Artificial Intelligence and all of our goods will disrupt traditional sectors and infiltrate previously unimaginable venues. AI, ML, or Cloud Computing disrupt traditional industries and seep into arenas that were unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

For instance, we are already penetrating the healthcare and retail sectors and the next in line is the F&B industry. The idea is for everybody to benefit from the available innovative solutions. Hyper-Personalization within sectors such as the E-Commerce industry and New AI and ML Innovations with NLG is another innovation creating waves.


6. Which industry verticals are you currently focusing on? And what is your go-to-market strategy for the same?

For over a decade, we have been offering customized solutions for different industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, insurance, etc. For example, we enable healthcare providers to offer exceptional patient experiences and increase operational efficiency. Integrated desktop designed especially for healthcare providers gives agents access to centers such as EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, Allscripts, Telmed IQ, and other core platforms, instant access to caller information like the last appointment status, the reason for the call, and doctor’s availability.

The integrated agent desktop works seamlessly with core banking applications for banking purposes to ensure a responsive CX and enhance value. Speaking of strategy, we would reiterate that we develop ready-integration solutions on a need-based proposition specifically for different industries.


7. Kindly share your point of view on the current scenario of Big Data Analytics and its future.

The trends for Big Data Analytics suggest that data volumes are bound to increase and migrate to the cloud, eventually leading to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environment migration. Platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud are transforming the way big data is stored or processed. With the opportunity to store and analyze huge volumes of data, enterprises are expected to create and manage 60% of big data in the near future. By 2025, we expect nearly 75% of the world’s population to interact with online data every day while the landscape evolves with Machine Learning. As per IDC, nearly 30% of the global data will be real-time by 2025.

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