Israel Just Utterly Humiliated The Alt-Media Community

The artificially manufactured euphoria rush generated by believing the false report about Syria allegedly being allowed to use the S-300s was followed by a cold slap of reality after Israel once again struck the Arab Republic exactly a week later and thus discredited all those who shared this fake news.

Those in the Alt-Media Community (AMC) who shared last week’s fake news report from Israel’s Channel 13 alleging that Russia finally allowed Syria to use the S-300s to defend itself from the Jewish State’s attack last Friday were just utterly humiliated by that entity after it once again struck the Arab Republic. Sputnik cited reports stating that only two projectiles were shot down over the Syrian capital yesterday while six made impact and resulted in at least three deaths at the Damascus airport.

Anyone who believed that Syria was finally allowed to employ the S-300s now has nothing to say since it’s obvious that those systems weren’t used during the latest attack. In hindsight, the fake news report about them supposedly being activated last Friday might have been part of a clever perception management operation designed to discredit those in the AMC who gleefully picked it up and prematurely celebrated what they imagined was the end of Israel’s strikes against Syria.

To explain, nobody should ever trust any reports from Israel about the S-300s since it has blatantly ulterior motives for manipulating the public about these systems. The AMC is always skeptical of that entity’s claims, yet it inexplicably accepted its latest report as credible simply because it finally told them what they’ve been so desperately wanting to hear for years. Simply put, Israel played to their confirmation bias in order to get otherwise reputable outlets and figures to spread its fake news.

Upon them falsely preconditioning their audience into expecting that the next Israel attack will likely result in the downing of its jets, the Jewish State decisively struck Damascus airport in order to hammer a nail in the coffin of those outlets’ and figures’ credibility. It knew very well that not only were the S-300s not used last time, but that even if they were, its state-of-the-art jets could easily evade those outdated systems if Syria dared to fire them and could likely destroy them too if it really wanted to.

Few in the AMC paid attention to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov – who also doubles as the Russian Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa and is thus recognized as the Kremlin’s most authoritative diplomatic source on events in those parts of the world – when he informed the audience of the Russia-Islamic World: Kazan Summit 2022 on Thursday that his country’s deconfliction mechanism with Israel was still working at all levels.

This high-level diplomat meant to inform his prestigious Muslim guests from across the international Islamic community (Ummah) that they shouldn’t have any expectations about Russia ever allowing Syria to employ the S-300s since that would violate the terms that it agreed to with Israel in September 2015 just before the onset of Moscow’s anti-terrorist campaign in the Arab Republic. It was basically an indirect response to Channel 13’s fake news that was intended to manipulate the AMC.

The problem with the AMC, however, is that its gatekeepers at the very least always ignore “politically inconvenient” facts and at worst viciously attack those who share such by smearing them as “Zionists”, “foreign agents”, and the like in order to deter their members from listening them. Just like the Mainstream Media (MSM) manipulates its audience, so too does the AMC, except this time it ended up getting manipulated by its Zionist nemesis after inexplicably granting credence to its latest fake news.

The artificially manufactured euphoria rush generated by believing the false report about Syria allegedly being allowed to use the S-300s was followed by a cold slap of reality after Israel once again struck the Arab Republic exactly a week later and thus discredited all those who shared this fake news. Not only did they actually discredit themselves from the get-go by laundering Zionist propaganda as truth simply because it conformed to their wishful expectations, but then Israel twisted the knife by striking it again.

Yesterday’s attack proved once and for all that the S-300s were never used for the first time ever exactly a week ago otherwise it would naturally follow that they’d have been used to defend against the latest attack targeting the Damascus airport. It’s also unbelievable that they’d only down two of the eight missiles like Sputnik reported and thus only have a 25% interception rate if someone wants to pretend that they were used, not to mention that the attacking jets remained unscathed yet again.

Nevertheless, now that many previously reputable outlets and individuals sacrificed their integrity by laundering Zionist propaganda over the past week, many might be influenced by their egos into sticking to the script and churning out literal conspiracy theories to explain the latest attack. This will likely include the overused “5D chess” conspiracy theory claiming that “everything is part of the plan” that they insist President Putin has for one day “nuking Israel” or whatever, which many in the AMC believe.

Other conspiracy theories might claim that Syria possibly downed the attacking jets and/or intercepted more than just 25% of the incoming missiles. In any case, whatever those outlets and individuals who laundered last week’s Zionist propaganda claim about the latest attack, it shouldn’t be believed by anyone since they already lied and might now simply be trying to “save face” after Israel utterly humiliated them.

The lessons to be learned from this incident are several. First, the AMC is practically no different from the MSM when it comes to manipulating their audience. Second, the only real difference between those two is the side that they support: the AMC backs the non-West while the MSM supports the US. Third, both employ fake news to manipulate their audiences. Fourth, they never take responsibility for lying. And fifth, this will never stop since both have vested interests in upholding their false narratives.

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