This Bear Market, Bitgert and Cardano are the Safest Investment Option

While Cardano has dropped 43%, Bitgert just slowed down its growth

  • Cardano has key developments coming up
  • Bitgert massive developments coming up
  • Bitgert roadmap V2 products to disrupt the market

The bear market is crashing the crypto market, with most of the crypto coins already pushed back to prices last seen in mid-2021. But this plunge has provided crypto investors with an opportunity to buy the dip of the attractive crypto projects that are expected to do well this year.

Bitgert and Cardano are some of the best crypto investments to buy during this bear market. Though Bitgert has not been affected too much by the crashing market, it has slowed its price growth. But for Cardano, it has dropped by huge margins during the current and previous bearish markets.

At the time of this writing, Cardano dropped 43% of its value in the past 30 days. The Cardano coin is also in the red for the gains made in the past 7 days. But it is the developments that the Cardano is expecting in the next few months that make ADA a good buy today. The Cardano team is working on upgrades that will improve its chain to grow its adoption.

Among the developments that the Cardano team is working on right now is the Vasil hard fork, which is expected to launch in July. The other big development is the Cardano Hydra upgrade that is likely to launch in Q3 2022. These developments are projected to grow Cardano adoption and skyrocket the price. This is what makes Cardano an ideal investment in this bear market. Here is more about Bitgert:


Bitgert might be the best buy in this bear market. This is one of the crypto projects with impressive developments coming up. Bitgert BRC20 adoption remains one of the major products growing Bitgert adoption. The zero gas fee feature that Bitgert chain offers makes it remain the most sought-after blockchain in the market.

But there is more coming up to make Bitgert the best crypto investment. The roadmap V2 has many disruptive products coming up. These products include centralized exchange, Bitgert Web3 oracle, NFT marketplace, and many other DeFi products.

There will be 1000+ Bitgert backed projects joining the Bitgert ecosystem in the next few months. The addition of the Centcex project as one of the parties building Bitgert products is making this project an ideal investment.

In conclusion, Bitgert and Cardano make an ideal crypto investment in this bearish market. Their prices are expected to explode in the coming few months because of the massive developments coming up.

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