Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Cleared The Air On The Recent S-300 Report

By setting the record straight during Russia’s top yearly event with majority Muslim countries, Bogdanov wanted them to know that all reports about the S-300s are just lies.

Most in the Alt-Media Community (AMC) couldn’t believe their eyes when they read earlier this week that Russia allegedly allowed Syria to finally use the S-300s to defend itself from attacking Israeli jets during their most recent incident last Friday. They’d been waiting for this moment for over 3,5 years since those air defense systems were dispatched to the Arab Republic in fall 2018. Not once were they used, however, which disappointed many who expected that they’d immediately end the literally hundreds of strikes that Israel carried out against the IRGC and Hezbollah there since the conflict began.

Even so, they held out hope that this report from Israeli media – which they’d ordinarily consider to be nothing but propaganda except curiously enough whenever it tells them what they want to hear – was true. It didn’t matter to them that senior Ukrainian presidential advisor and top peace talks negotiator David Arakhamia criticized Israel five days later for not arming Kiev, stopping its mediation efforts, or cutting off ties with Russia, which one would have expected that Tel Aviv would have done had Russia really just allowed Syria to use the S-300s to defend itself for the first time ever.

Their hopes were just dashed once and for all on Thursday, though, after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov – who also doubles as the Russian Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa and is thus recognized as the Kremlin’s most authoritative diplomatic source on events in those parts of the world – politically denied that report. He didn’t do so directly by calling it out for the fake news that any astute observer would have known that it was right away, but instead explained why it couldn’t be true.

According to him, “[The deconfliction mechanism with Israel] works, of course. Contacts happen on the political level also, at the highest level, and there are phone talks and at the level of foreign ministries. Our ambassador has active communication with Israeli leadership and representatives of the public and political community. In addition, our military are at work as well. There are military attache offices at the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israeli embassy in Moscow. So work is going on.” Put differently, the report was fake news since the deconfliction mechanism still works, thus no missiles were fired.

It’s also important to take note of where Bogdanov decided to debunk this latest viral fake news story: the Russia-Islamic World: Kazan Summit 2022 international conference. TASS reported that it “brought together representatives of 63 countries and 52 Russian regions” and “is aimed at reinforcing ties between Russia and the Islamic world.” This is the most prominent forum between Russia and majority Muslim countries so it was especially symbolic that he debunked this fake news there in front of all of his country’s foreign guests. He wanted to set the record straight about ties with Israel once and for all.

After all, there’s been so much fake news about those two over the years that it’s understandable if many people from majority Muslim countries might have been misled to an extent about their relations. Some of the most popular but categorically false narratives that have been propagated by the AMC include claims that Russia/Putin are anti-Zionist, secretly allied with the Iranian-led Resistance, and just waiting for the right moment to finally strike back at Israel to pay it back for bombing Syria literally hundreds of times under the Russian Aerospace Forces’ watch.

None of that is true, but it’s become part of that community’s dogma for most of its members. By officially confirming that the Russian-Israeli deconfliction mechanism still works at all levels, Bogdanov debunked all prior S-300 reports and any that’ll come afterwards unless he, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, and/or their boss Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov update everyone that something’s changed. By setting the record straight during Russia’s top yearly event with majority Muslim countries, Bogdanov wanted them to know that all reports about the S-300s are just lies.

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