The Cryptocurrency Launchpad Transforming Seedling Investors and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency presales are the only way of sneaking into a project before they are mainstreamed.

The biggest problem facing early investors in crypto pre-sales is that a huge amount of projects are doomed to fail. Hundreds of new coins are released every month on the Binance Smart Chain and alternative blockchains and it is up to you, the investor, to decide which ones will succeed.

At least, until now.

BoostX is the newest cryptocurrency launchpad that values investors’ best interests. It has an exclusive vetting process to ensure only the most innovative projects are eligible for launch on its multichain launchpad. Their unusual ethos of valuing the investor plays into both the investor’s and the launching cryptocurrency’s interests.

By ensuring the cryptocurrency presales available on their multichain platform are vetted for excellence, the investors are far more likely to invest a larger sum of money. This in turn creates more value for the particular project being launched as they will have more capital to expand their project; this ultimately creates a snowball effect as the investor then sees far larger returns on their original purchase.



Why buy cryptocurrency presales?

Crypto presales are the only way of sneaking into a project before they are mainstreamed. Once they are mainstreamed and mass media are talking about them, the likelihood of extortionate returns on investments diminishes very swiftly.

Once they are trading on large exchanges like Binance, the return on your investment becomes far more difficult to manage. There becomes a host of other external factors that directly affect the value of your investment i.e. macro market sentiments and technical analysis.

Cryptocurrency presales offer the opportunity of buying a token that no one knows about yet. Of course, there is a larger degree of risk applied to buying presales which is why your own research behind a project is key. But hey, if you’re invested in crypto already then you must be an investor who’s happy taking risks – No risk, no reward.

Having said this, this is also what BoostX is radically reshaping. It brings you projects you immediately have a sense of trust in – with a strong development team behind them. While this in no way reduces your risk entirely, you can have peace of mind that the projects you are presented with have both your and their own best interests in mind.



Why choose Boostx?

As mentioned above, Boostx runs through a host of pre-sale cryptocurrencies with a fine comb and only embraces the ones it believes can solve real issues and bring value to investors. Its most successful project so far, Seesaw Protocol, has just come off its presale and has launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

Alternative cryptocurrency launchpads do not share the same ethos as Boostx. Ultimately vying for a greater financial reward, they promote uncensored and unchecked projects which could potentially end in a rug-pull. As a seedling investor, this is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Its minimalistic dashboards and website make the launchpad easy to use and to find the right cryptocurrency presale for you. Choose the right presale for you with Boostx. Website below:

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