Deepfake is the Scariest Thing Happened to Mankind

Let’s see how the deepfake scenario is an emerging challenge that has burdened many industries

Digital transformation has opened more avenues for businesses and simultaneously the challenges took shape. The deepfake scenario is an emerging challenge that has burdened many industries in these years.


So, let’s understand what are deepfakes?

As the name suggests, these are realistic-looking fake images, videos, and audio that leverage AI and deep learning technology. Deepfakes are created using deep neural networks (DNN) and generative adversarial networks (GAN).


A Threat to Media

Fake News: Content is the backbone of media and deepfakes directly affect them. Disinformation and fake news are eating away the credibility and trust in news and media.

Visual Communication: Deepfakes are adversely affecting the authenticity of visual communication by spreading synthetic re-enactment videos.

Social Media: The recent deepfakes of influential politicians like Barrack Obama and Donald Trump created havoc on social media. This reduces the reliability of social media and news platforms.

If wrongly used, deepfakes will reinforce false beliefs and provoke unpleasant actions among the audience, since the media is powerful and influential.


A Threat to Politics

The emerging threat of deepfakes could have an unprecedented impact on politics. This AI-powered technology is already starting to threaten democracy, democratic elections, policy-making, and society at large.

Here are major areas where Deepfakes could be a risk:

Election: Deepfake technology could impact election processes by spreading fake news related to government policy, initiatives, etc.

Fictitious Content: Deepfakes can be used to create bogus content on digital platforms, including offensive or controversial statements to incite violence.

Political Advertising: By using deepfakes, bad actors can intentionally produce misinformation. They can deflect political ads made for national benefits.

If not regulated now, deepfakes could bring toxic politics in the future.

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