Open-Sourcing Meta’s Large Language Model has More Harm than Good

Open-source language model of Meta is set to have a harmful impact on the tech market

Mark Zuckerberg is not lagging behind in the artificial intelligence domain and is focused to fully utilizing cutting-edge technologies to the next level. Meta has now announced the launch of the new language model with artificial intelligence known as OPT or Open Pre-Trained Transformer. The open-source language model of Meta is known as a tough competitor of OpenAI GPT-3 artificial intelligence model. It offers the access to a fully-trained large language model. There is a concern regarding the pros and cons side of OPT of Meta that can affect the entire global tech market.

Meta OPT is focused on being a better open-source language model than the GPT artificial intelligence model. It will be able to provide more responsible and reliable research for the community of researchers on a large scale. Meta has decided not to share OPT for any non-commercial use. It has released its language model with pre-trained models, an underlying book of codes, and a logbook of the entire development process.

Meanwhile, Meta is facing some concerns about the artificial intelligence algorithms with harmful impacts on society more than the beneficial side. OPT consists of some of the key shortcomings that can harm the functionalities of the open-source language model. The artificial intelligence language model is known for not working well with declarative instructions and point-blank interrogatives. OPT can generate toxic and abusive language with harmful stereotypes. These are key points that can make the Meta open-source language model have more harmful effects than the benefits part. OPT is known for being repetitive and getting stuck in a loop while understanding human language and behaviour.

Meta with its open-source language model has been participating in the fast artificial intelligence race to have a clear understanding of the dangerous world of cutting-edge technology. That being said, all hi-tech companies like Meta and Google are focused on having a more and better understanding of human behaviour and languages to have more customer engagement in the future. But is it necessary for different companies to work on the same kind of artificial intelligence? It has been observed that Meta OPT can hold the potential to create a more harmful impact than offering to reap the benefits in the tech market.


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