Why is Cardano Price Plummeting And Bitgert Continues to Remain Stable?

by Analytics Insight

May 3, 2022

While the Cardano price was plummeting, Bitgert managed to maintain a very stable price.

The crypto market is plunging, but for crypto projects like Cardano, the falling price has been a big issue for some time now. Cardano has been plummeting for the past four months of 2022 and has been unable to regain its 1st of January price even today. That’s how badly the Cardano has been performing.

But on the other hand, Bitgert (BRISE), one of the biggest Cardano competitors, has remained very stable throughout this period. In fact, Bitgert has been posting quite impressive gains. But why were Cardano and Bitgert posting such performances? Well, here are some facts you need to know:



While the Cardano price was plummeting, Bitgert managed to maintain a very stable price. In fact, in Q1 of 2022, Bitgert managed to post one of the biggest price increases that resulted in a new ATH. The Bitgert growth has been driven by the project’s developments. So far, the Bitgert team has achieved a lot by delivering the Bitgert roadmap faster than Cardano. In 2022, Bitgert launched its zero-gas fee blockchain plus the roadmap V2.

The Cardano team has not launched any significant product since the Alonso Hard Fork. That’s why it cannot compare with the Bitgert development. The Bitgert ecosystem is also growing rapidly because of the fast delivery of the Bitgert roadmap and the Startup Studio project. There are over 20 Bitgert backed projects that have been listed on the DEX (Sphynx Labs DEX).

These are developments that have made Bitgert outperform Cardano’s price growth. With more Bitgert backed projects launching soon, the Bitgert ecosystem will continue growing faster than Cardano. This means Bitgert will continue to post growth when Cardano plummets.



For the Cardano coin, it has been plummeting because of the crashing crypto market. But the slow growth of the Cardano project compared to Bitgert is a major reason why it is plummeting. Cardano’s most significant development was the Alonso Hard Fork, which has greatly improved the Cardano DeFi. But not much has been done on the Cardano project in 2022, unlike Bitgert.

But the Cardano project might up its competition against Bitgert and many other projects. The soon to launch Cardano Vasil Hard Fork might be a big deal. The Cardano Hydra protocol upgrades are another development that will enable Cardano to compete with the likes of Bitgert. Therefore, the Cardano price might be plummeting today but might soon start doing well with these developments.


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