Ethereum Blockchain Upgrade Shall not Make the Gas Fee Lower as Bitgert Chain

by Analytics Insight

April 30, 2022

The zero gas fee is one of the biggest reasons the Bitgert chain is experiencing mass adoption today.

Among the biggest limitations of the Ethereum network is the expensive gas fee. The high gas fee makes the biggest chunk of the complaints by the Ethereum chain users. It has also been highlighted as the major reason why projects migrate to Polygon, Bitgert, and many other Ethereum compatible networks.

The good news is the Ethereum team is working on this problem, which is why the past few weeks have seen the gas cost go down. The ongoing Ethereum upgrades are responsible for this drop. The upgrades are making the Ethereum chain faster by migrating to PoS and introducing sharding chains.

However, the Ethereum gas fee shall not go lower than what the Bitgert chain is offering. There is a reason why the Bitgert chain is referred to as a zero gas fee blockchain. It is because the Bitgert chain offers a zero gas fee for all transactions. Read more below about these blockchains below.



The reason why Ethereum shall not make its gas fee lower than the Bitgert chain is that the latter has zero gas fee. The cost of every transaction on the Bitgert blockchain is $0.0000000000001, which is the lowest gas fee the blockchain industry has ever experienced.

The zero gas fee is one of the biggest reasons the Bitgert chain is experiencing mass adoption today. With such a low gas fee, it will be difficult for even the largest blockchain like Ethereum to compete with Bitgert.

It is also important to mention that the Bitgert blockchain is also the fastest blockchain today. Bitgert is faster than Ethereum. Therefore, there are a lot of factors making Bitgert a better chain today than even Ethereum.



We’ve already mentioned that the Ethereum team is working on upgrades aimed at addressing the expensive gas fee issue and the poor scaling of the Ethereum blockchain. Though scaling is also a big issue, the gas fee is what most Ethereum users are complaining about.

The Ethereum serenity upgrade is currently in the second phase, which includes a number of activities, including migrating to a PoS protocol and sharding chains. Once these two upgrades are completed, the Ethereum chain speed will increase drastically, and the Ethereum gas fee will reduce significantly.

But the reduction in the Ethereum gas fee might not reach the low gas fee that Bitgert blockchain has been offering. This means Bitgert is still going to be the most preferred chain over Ethereum because of its lowest gas fee.


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