The Controlled Demolition Of The West

This is an ancient game and they are masters at playing it.

Decay of West is happening right now but it will be devastating for more than just West. Make no mistake, what is happening is control demolition designed by elite. The last time (ofcourse this is just brief history review) we have seen something like that was at the end of British empire and the rise of USA. But it was there before. For example when Republic of Venice was on decay the elite simply moved north to Amsterdam, to parts of today Germany and to what is called City of London. They had no need of defending the territory they live in. So when one place no longer has control of main trade routes it became useless to them. When the “discovery” of America made Republic of Venice obsolete (they couldn’t control trade/looting routes) the elite moved to Amsterdam. And to City of London which became core of British empire that had control of global trade routes for a long time.  And when British empire became obsolete elite has moved to USA which became a global superpower.  And the US has played the role of global hegemon very well. But as they say all things come to an end at one point and so here we are.

So when Chinese BRI came in play  suddenly USA controllable sea routes were no longer only lifelines (or at least most important one)  for global trade. We can add here at least Polar silk road, PAKAFUZ railway project, NSTC…that can no longer be controlled by US and allies. That means the US is no longer needed by elite and that something new must replace it in order for them (elite) to still be in control. In order for this control that was at play for last decades the price was enormous. Be it in form of human lives through wars, or in accumulated debt that can no longer be hiden let alone payed. And especially now, that Petrodollar is losing the grip, options for control are getting slimmer. But that doesn’t mean that US or West is finished for good. It only means that regular people of West will be stuck with mass amount of debt and chaos.  The elite (by elite I mean few families that control humanity not just financially but at least try to control our spiritual evolution) has a new plan.  They no longer need big states, let alone sovereign states, they will rather have small entities, that are easily controllable.

In order to achieve that, they need to balkanize regions. But not just balkanization of Eastern Europe, Balkan, Central Asia, Middle East… But also balkanization of USA and EU. Current states are no longer sustainable and not even needed. The time when mass armies were needed or large navy fleets were necessary are over. So my prediction is, that we will see, how US will fall apart. Slowly but surely parts of US (especially Florida, Texas…) are working towards putting in place basic infrastructure for this scenario. The rift between states in US is just going to get bigger and this is no coincidence.

Nevertheless this is deliberate move by elite to stay on top of NWO that will basically be in cyberspace, space…And it won’t be led by states, but private enterprises and by people that know no state allegiance, so they can easily move to other parts of world. Leaving behind only destruction and debt. So in order for this they need to balkanize the globe with national sovereign countries as their main enemies. In order to achieve this, they will do anything, if necessary they will slaughter half of humanity. This is an ancient game and they are masters at playing it.

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