Top 10 AI Jobs of The Future that Humans can Never be Ready for

Here is the list of new AI jobs of the future that tiny human brains can not come to terms with

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. We’ll continue to see AI jobs’ influence permeate deeper into many other industries for the foreseeable future. There’s no way around it; work is changing. Work is, in fact, ever-changing, ever-evolving, always progressively, never at once, as we create new problems just as fast as we solve old ones. Which has led to the creation of an entirely new industry of frankly terrible jobs. These are Augmented Reality Storyteller, Ad-Blocking Expert, Worldbuilder, Personal Data Representative, Data Detective, etc.

Augmented Reality Storyteller: Virtual and augmented reality allows the reader to stop being passive and offers a window into the story. AR/VR is giving storytellers the ultimate tool to immerse their audiences in their stories. Content creators are pushing the boundaries of storytelling and are adopting AR/VR to tell new stories in a more engaging way and with an unmistakable sense of presence. This job will allow entities to create both immersive training scenarios and hard-to-spot marketing opportunities.

World builder: World builder will design single-player or multiplayer game environments, with a specific emphasis on first-person shooter games. This role requires many of the same skills asked of video-game designers, except with a potentially entirely different endgame. Responsible for creating and developing 3-D game levels using popular 3-D modelling tools and packages, expected to be able to design environments with a realistic look and feel.

Ad-Blocking Expert: Ad blockers are AI tools designed to remove or hide content identified as advertising during browsing. And they will have to be advanced enough to spot adverts embedded within reality itself. While a webpage is loading, the ad blocker looks at the site’s scripts and compares them against a list of sites and scripts it was built to block.

Personal Data Representative: A PDR would be a person or company which would legally represent the entirety of someone’s data and invest it in the right databases to get its customers better returns. The primary purpose of this position is to enter data from different documents into the computer system for purposes such as storage, processing, and data management.

Data Investigator: This becomes even more important as AI artificial intellligence becomes embedded in everyday life, data Investigator is responsible for the lawful acquisition of communications data, and for providing specialist advice to Life at Risk, proactive and reactive investigations, crimes in action, and intelligence operations.

Data Detective: Data detective does jobs such as inspecting data, measuring the data defects, analyzing the cause and impact of those defects, and then reporting the results of the analysis to key stakeholders. It filters and organizes the data into information your customer can understand that is relevant to their needs.

Man-Machine Collaboration Analyst: Man-machine collaboration just means having humans and automated technology working alongside each other to achieve a shared goal.  This role is to develop an interaction system through which humans and machines mutually communicate their capabilities, goals, and intentions, and to devise a task-planning system for human-machine collaboration.

IT Facilitator: This job is centered on developing training modules and workshops that help employees learn essential skills in the workplace. This would be the role of the IT facilitator, which ought to put PMOs out of their misery. Expect the chosen few to lead a highly rewarding financial life.

Smart City Analyst: City planners are becoming cool again! Smart cities use data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, etc for people living and working in the city. With the increasing use of smart cars, drones, post-Covid office space optimization their help will be sorely needed.

Microgrid analyst: The Microgrid will be responsible for energy & data analytics and energy simulations for solar PV and energy storage systems and microgrids using top technologies.

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