Chris Rock Gets Last Laugh As Tickets For Next Stand-Up Performance Jump 10x

On Sunday, Will Smith made the Oscars incredibly uncomfortable after he smacked the living daylights out of Chris Rock on stage for making a joke about the lack of hair his wife has.

“Jada, I love you,” Rock said before joking, “G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it!”

Rock might be getting the last laugh as ticket prices for his upcoming shows have gone parabolic, according to ticketing site, TickPick. 

On Monday, TickPick tweeted, “We sold more tickets to see Chris Rock overnight than we did in the past month combined.”

TickPick’s public relations representative Kyle Zorn tweeted that Rock’s upcoming performance at Boston’s Wilbur Theater on Wednesday saw ticket prices for the cheapest seats jump from $46 to $411, nearly a 10x increase since the slapping incident.

Commenting on Zorn’s tweet, many folks said: “drama sells.” 

“This was a ploy by Big Comedy to drive up ticket prices. Wake up Sheeple,” one person said

Another person said, “Black men helping other black men make money.” 

All press is good press, and Rock is standing to make a killing from the greatest slap television has ever seen (so far). 

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