Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP) Price Primed For 35% Upswing This Week

The global coin market now seems to be collared under a ceiling limit. As the market cap of the industry continues to hover at levels below the $2 Trillion market cap. Successively, the valuation of the business is now down 2% over the day, at $1.93 Trillion. Wherefore, folks from the crypto town are now evaluating digital assets accordingly.

Consequently, investors and traders are now hunting for analytics of digital assets, prior to placing the buy orders. In succession, ETH, ADA, XRP, and USDT emerge as top picks in view of skeptical market trends. Which also holds fundamental strengths and incoming events which could strengthen the portfolio.

Are The Analytics Favoring These Digital Assets?

Ethereum (ETH):

Ethereum, over the past week, has seen a significant spike in transactions. A post from Santiment cites that, on Tuesday, the network had seen 1,603 Ethereum transactions. Valuing at $1M or more, which led to a price hike of  +18%. Similarly, on the 24th of February,  2,609 transactions valuing at over $1M were seen. Where prices shot up ~27% in the next week. 

Successively, the spike in whale transactions have been directly proportional to historic price rises. On the other hand, Ethereum’s daily transactions have been witnessing an overall southward trend. That said, the numbers have been volatile of-late. As the count of transactions had another plunge on Sunday, where 91,855 new addresses were seen.

Cardano (ADA):

  Coming to Cardano, its TVL continues to escalate at a steady pace, inline with its target of $1 Billion. The TVL of Cardano has now grown to $361.4 M, with gains of 9.06% over the day. Which is an addition of $16.94 M from that of Saturday. 

Whilst ADA price has seen a negative change of 2.68% over the day. The transaction and adjusted-transaction volumes continue to triumph against the broader market. Which are presently at $58.62 B, and $58.45 B respectively. Conversely, the average transfer value has taken a notable swing from Thursday’s $58.72k, to Saturday’s $0.19 M.


XRP whilst sailing across the treachers of its lawsuit has been constructing its analytics at numerous fronts. According to sources, the average number of transactions per ledger has been escalating since the bottoms of 54.482 from March 16th. Post its pullback on Sunday, the numbers currently stand at about 67.587.

Learning from analytics firm Messari, the circulating supply has been stepping up, since the fourth quarter of 2021. The numbers at the time of press stand at $48.12 B. Which is up close to a billion, since the start of the year.

Tether (USDT):

  As previously reported by CoinPedia, we have been witnessing a notable rise in the allocation of stable coins in the industry. This comes following the skittish market trends, that have left traders ready for both scenarios. Conversely, Santiment cites Tether witnessing major spikes of 83k and 74k in addresses interacting on the network.

Successively, the social sentiments of Tether, according to Lunar Crush have been justifying the growing interest. Whilst social volume is up 4.1% over the week, social engagements are up 30.2%. That said, social dominance  is up 167.8%, and bullish sentiments are up 17.3%.  

Concluding, the aforesaid digital assets are now emerging as must consider ones. For the said analytics, which are hinting at entry zones, and for the fundamentals and incoming events. Which hold the potential to bring in higher yields to the portfolio. 

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